Professional Development

Paxton Consolidated Schools Professional Development Summary

All Staff Yearly Training

Dating Violence Awareness, Bullying & Harassment Policy Review, Internet Safety, Suicide Awareness Training (started ‘15-’16), CPR/First Aid (staff certified every two years), Multicultural Policy Review, HAL, Wellness Policy, Crisis Response Training

All Teachers

Marzano Instructional Model

‘13-’14: Year 1 as NDE Pilot School, Teachers read Art & Science of Teaching, Student Learning Objectives & Perceptual Survey introduction by Jeff McQuistan of ESU 17 (Jan. ‘14 inservice)

All teachers have done SLO’s annually. Elementary and secondary math teachers have had a math focus for their subsequent, yearly Student Learning Objective.

‘14-’15: DQ5 Student Engagement & DQ6 Classroom Rules & procedures, Aligned Marzano Instructional Model with NDE Frameworks, Teachers read & discussed Becoming A Reflective Teacher throughout the year as PLC. Deb Paulman, ESU 16 facilitated the August ‘14 Inservice

‘15-’16: DQ2 Interact With New Knowledge, Individual Growth Plan focused on DQ2, Modified Instructional Rounds [each teacher observed 3 teachers: 7-12, K-6, area teacher in same role], Marzano Academy (Mrs. Chittenden, Mrs. States, Mrs. Youngs, Mrs. Storer), Supervision of Instruction with Phil Warrick 1-12-16 (Chittenden & States)

‘16-’17: DQ1 Learning Goals (inservice led by those who attended Marzano Academy)

‘17-’18: Individual Professional Development Goals, DQ1 Learning Goals continued (lesson plans)

Math Training (provided by ESU 16)

Math Pathways & Pitfalls (Sept. 28, '15, Jan. 25, '16) Math Discourse & Common Math Misconceptions

Math PLC (July 26-27, Sept. 13, Oct. 11 of 2016)

Math Solutions (Aug. 1-2, Oct. 24, 2016)

Curriculum Alignment to New Standards (provided by ESU 16)

English Language Arts ‘15-’16 (May 26-27, July 27, Nov. 3 of 2015)

Math ‘16-’17 (May 13, 2016 + additional days through fall ‘16)

Science ‘16-’18 (Jan. 29 ‘16 K-12 Science Cadre Day, Nov. 7 ‘17 introduction to new science standards by NDE’s Sara Cooper)

(Science teachers will attend June 11-12, 2018 Elementary & June 13-14, 2018 Secondary Science Workshop with Brett Moulding @ ESU 16)

Individual Professional Development Goals

All teachers complete individual professional development goals. Starting in ‘15-16, these were aligned with the Marzano Instructional Model. Based on our end-of-the-year ‘16-17 AQuESTT

Evidence Based Analysis, the administration and school board agreed to focus on professional development (as well as before/after school programs) to enhance educator effectiveness. There is definite support for professional development at Paxton Consolidated Schools. Additional documentation is available upon request.