Hi, I'm Hanz, an SEO 

Google Ad Media Buyer / Specialist

My Expertise

I focus on maximizing results on every project if you want to let's discuss more. I also have blockchain experience and I believe Crypto or bitcoin is here to stay updated on that field.

I will give you 5 reasons that will benefit you for hiring me.

1. I am a Certified Google Ads Professional with Certificates updated for 2022. I am a Google Partner Now.

Acquired a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing on 2019 focused on Google ads 

This will be an assurance that I am skilled for the job. Please refer to my LinkedIn profile you can check my credentials there anytime

2. I was exposed to our Family Business, a Marketing & Promotions Agency back then, and was also part of direct marketing Door to door 1995 to 2001. Fun fact I'm selling sandwiches when I was in elementary promoting my product to sell. Selling mini chocolate balls for a 100% profit margin. 

3. I got FIBER high-speed internet always 25mbps both download speed and upload speed. Back up Power Generator. Seamless communication and no downtime when working with me.

4. I got over 10+ years of experience in both Traditional Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing (Google Ads) so I can predict what customers want that can help in our future campaigns.

5. Proven Track record with previous clients handling all their google ads YouTube ads & Shopping ads campaigns. Increasing conversions like their Phone calls and CTR or views based on what clients need and want for their accounts.


This year 2021 owner of a Safe Company and Locksmith Companies in New York. I already achieved more conversions (Phone calls & Sales Transactions) and average monthly revenue of $7,123 on their Shopping Ads Campaigns especially in their Online Advertising Selling Safe thru their website.

I'm currently handling their Ad Accounts for the improvement and success of their business in the long run.

I am a Certified Google Ads Professional. I have a diploma in digital marketing and online marketing tools. You can check all my credentials thru my Linkedin Profile

I help Online businesses increase their sales using Google Ads, Strategy & Growth in mind.

Last Year I achieved 15,500 Conversions: the Conversion Value of A$284,000 while shopping ads spend was A$35,610 with 529 Phone calls and Return of Ad Spend (ROAS) was 8.0 or 800% in 2020 Alone.

Check All My Portfolio and Credentials here at my CV Website


For 2,500USD per month. I will use all my expertise to Achieve Your Business Goals. *

Let's have a short talk 15mins so we can discuss how my skillsets can help you and your business and screen share some of my portfolios and account for past and present projects. Just pick a time and date 

You can pick a time and date of your choosing. 

See you at the meeting then.

*Subjected to change Depends on the niche of the website product or services and Main goals of the account.

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