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Latest Beet News

The Village Board will use the recent NYS Grant for sidewalk repairs. Water quality and quantity look promising at the Lower Baxter test site, and the Village continues to work with the DEC on permitting the Umscheid Wells.

Catch up on the latest and then join the next Board meeting on Tuesday, September 7 at 7 pm at Village Hall or by phone!

At their July meeting, after a spirited discussion, the Planning Board referred four questions to the Zoning Board of Appeals on whether additional variances would be required at Pawling Commons. They also considered a Site Plan for a new detached garage at the Pawling House Bed & Breakfast.

Without any agenda items, the Planning Board didn't meet in August but should return in September.

Check out the latest Adult Programs at the Pawling Library.

The Zoning Board of Appeals reviewed Pawling Commons at their May, June and July meetings.

Catch up on the latest, including photo simulations of the proposed buildings, and then be sure to join the August 25 ZBA meeting where the Public Hearing on Pawling Commons will continue.

Clocking in at a likely record six minutes, the August 2 meeting featured announcements on grants received by the Village for public infrastructure.

The Board also approved the minutes from their meetings in May, June and July - we've added those links to our meeting summaries, along with a link to the Chazen presentation on the status of our water system from May.

Catch up and then join the next Board meeting on August 16.

The Village Board characterized streaming meetings as too expensive for now, but received suggestions from residents on leveraging the Town or Pawling Schools to enable remote access to Village Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings.

There were also discussions on the West Main Street and Charles Street paving project, and questions on the water system.

While wrapping up in under 15 minutes, the July 6 Village Board meeting covered topics ranging from the recently enacted NYS marijuana laws through an update on the test wells at Lower Baxter.

Catch up and then join the next Board meeting on July 19.

The last few Village Board meetings have been short but they covered important issues, like approving a Bond Resolution to fund exploratory work on additional wells. The Water Emergency continues while discussions progress with NYS DEC. And residents have raised issues of concern during Public Comment.

Catch up with the latest meeting summaries and the planned agenda for the July 6 meeting, and then either head down to Village Hall or join in by phone from home. Stay engaged!

The Planning Board issued a Negative SEQR Declaration for Pawling Commons, moving that project over to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a Variance on a third building at that location.

The Sketch Plan for Kingdom Hall's expanded parking, access via Gristmill Lane and addition of two residential units continued with feedback from the Board. Review of the proposed expansion at 12 East Main Street moved forward towards a Public Hearing.

Find all the details (and there are many interesting details!) in our meeting summary.

The Village Board abolished the Village Court at their May 17 meeting, despite public comment questioning the financial analysis used to drive that decision, and concerns raised over the loss of unique local services.

The Board also considered funding options for the new Baxter Well project and received an update from Chazen on the water system. You'll find all the details in our meeting summary.

At their May 3 meeting, the Village Board approved the 2021-2022 Budget and opened the Public Hearing on abolishing the Village Court.

During public comment on the budget, concerns were raised about the lack of transparency and open communication in the budget process. On abolishing the Court, residents questioned the financial motivation for proposing that action.

Catch up on all the important details in our meeting summary!

The Village Board opened a Public Hearing on the next Village Budget and queued up another one on abolishing the Village Justice and Village Court. There were also updates on our water issues - on both near-term repairs and the longer-term search for new wells.

Be sure to join the May 3 Village Board Meeting where these topics will be continued, but catch up with our meeting summary ahead of time!

The Village Planning Board held a Sketch Conference on changes at the Kingdom Hall on Rt 22, continued to review the Special Use Permit for Pawling Commons and looked at the proposed extension to 12 East Main Street.

Find all the details, and a little bit more about Verizon Wireless, in our meeting summary.

One last footnote on Consolidation.

The Village and Town have provided their accounting on costs around last year's Consolidation Referendum, and it came to more than $128,000.

We have a high-level overview of those costs on our Consolidation page.

At their April 5 meeting, the Village Board covered repairs to "Hats Off to Pawling" on the Village Green, the current state of our Water System and many other topics. Catch up with our meeting summary,

And stay tuned for a Public Hearing on the proposed Village Budget at the next Board meeting on April 19!

While there were no topics for the Village Zoning Board of Appeals to consider in January and February, there were two applications for Variances at their March meeting, including one to allow a third building at Pawling Commons.

It might have been short - less than 20 minutes - but the Village Board covered a wide range of topics at their March 15 meeting! Pandemic Plans, Budget Modifications, revised Building Department fees, American Rescue Plan funding, Bulk Pickup, an opening on the Highway Department, and the latest Water System status... all in our meeting writeup.

The Village Planning Board held their second annual review of the "State of the Village's Water" with a particular eye towards how that guides proposed development. The Planning Board also continued to review the Site Plan Application for Pawling Commons, which includes 53 new residential units that would clearly depend on finding additional sources of water.

You'll find many interesting (and challenging!) details about our water supply in the meeting summary.

Interested in helping with an update of the Village's Comprehensive Plan? Or being part of an Ethics Committee? Then check out the latest from the March 1st Village Board meeting.

And water usage continues to be a critical issue for the Village so please do your best to conserve!

At their February meeting, the Planning Board approved Verizon's application for their Small Cell Facility and Hudson Valley Plastic's Warehouse.

There was also a Sketch Conference on changes at 12 East Main, and discussion on next steps at Pawling Commons.

Catch up on all the details in our meeting summary!

It was another short meeting, but there's a new Village Trustee and Chazen's covering Building Inspections and Code Enforcement for a bit. Find out about the Farmer's Market, the latest on our Water Supply and more in our meeting summary,

Tuesday's Village Board meeting was short - only ten minutes - but covered a range of topics including certifying the Consolidation Referendum, updating the Comprehensive Plan, and putting an Emergency Response Plan in place.

Find it all in our meeting summary.

While no decisions were made at January's Planning Board Meeting, there was a well-attended Public Hearing on Verizon's Small-Cell Antenna Facility, and a continued review of Hudson Valley Plastic's Warehouse.

Keep up with the latest through our meeting summaries and be sure to join February's Planning Board meeting when these projects will back on the agenda.

Monday's Village Board meeting was a "double header" Organizational & Business Meeting. Lauri Taylor was unanimously voted Mayor, appointments were made to Village positions, and an approach was defined for reviewing the proposed Active Adult project on Mt. Tom.

The Village Board had an initial look at an Active Lifestyle Adult 55+ project proposed for a 171 acre parcel with access from Mt Tom Road in the Town, West Main Street and Dutcher Avenue in the Village.

While this project is in its early stages, it will need rezoning from both the Village and Town, and has been before the Town Board, Town Planning Board and Joint Sewer Commission.

It will be back on the agenda at the first Village Board meeting in January.

And this was the last Village Board meeting for Mayor Rob Liffland who will be resigning at the end of the month.

After continuing the Public Hearing on Verizon's proposed small-cell wireless facility, and listening to residents in opposition and in support of this project, the Village Zoning Board unanimously approved the required variances.

This project now returns to the Village Planning Board where photos - like the ones here - will be shared at their January meeting to better clarify the actual location and visual impact of the single 9-foot antenna.

The Village is currently in a Stage III Emergency, with mandated water restrictions.

You'll receive a flyer with your next Water & Sewer Bills, but you can find the latest status - and recommendations on conservation - here on the Beet.

The Village Planning Board granted Site Plan approval for the restaurant at 146 East Main Street, with conditions on water usage, parking and lighting.

Updates on the warehouse at Hudson Valley Plastics were reviewed, and that project will be taken up again at the Board's next meeting on January 12. 2021.

Planning Board meetings will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of each month.

After approving the 2021 Garbage Budget at Monday's Village Board meeting, Mayor Rob Liffland's resignation was announced, effective at the end of the month, due to health issues. The Mayor's wife, Kelly Liffland, read letters of recognition from members of the community.

The Board then moved on to the current state of the Water System, inspection of the Durkin building on Memorial Avenue and the Elm Street Sidewalks.

After returning from Executive Session, the Board made a motion calling for Mayor Liffland to reimburse the Village for the cost of work done on water mains in front of 140 & 146 East Main Street, and for the cost of the investigation into that work.