Dr Paul Sidwell

I am a semi-retired researcher and consultant in linguistics, these days pivoting to farm life near Batemans Bay, NSW. I specialize in Southeast Asian language history, forensic linguistics, and applied research for security and law-enforcement (via the business Language Intelligence email language.intel@gmail.com). Until 2016 I was an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the Australian National University (College of Asia and the Pacific). I focus on Austroasiatic languages, authoring books on the Katuic, Bahnaric, Palaungic & Khasian branches, and I am actively preparing works on Nicobarese, Khmuic, Pakanic, Pearic, and Munda branches, and a comprehensive revision of Harry Shorto's (2006) A Mon-Khmer Comparative Dictionary which will include a new reconstruction of the proto-Austroasiatic lexicon. 

My research and publishing activity extends to wider Mainland and insular Southeast Asia: my most recent significant contributions are major handbooks (co-edited with Mathias Jenny) the Brill Handbook of Austroasiatic Languages and deGruyter The Languages and Linguistics of Mainland Southeast Asia: A comprehensive guide.

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