I'm working on my Ph.D. in philosophy at Florida State University. My primary area of specialization is ethics and my interests include moral responsibility, experimental philosophy, evolutionary debunking arguments, objectivity debates, moral cognition, and philosophy of religion. I am currently in the process of completing my special area exam and defending my dissertation prospectus. My doctoral research mainly focuses on evolutionary debunking arguments and the debunking argument against moral realism, in particular. I'm interested in intuitions, truth-tracking as a feature of cognition, and the empirical evidence for and against moral nativism. My dissertation will look closely at the conditions under which debunking attempts are successful, i.e. whether constructivism is immune to debunking arguments, whether only reliabilist epistemologies are susceptible, whether nonnaturalism is more susceptible than naturalism, etc.

I also play the oud (look it up!) for Tallahassee's Middle Eastern Ensemble. I love English Premier League football. And I enjoy the occasional game of racquetball.