Paulo Bastos

Associate Professor

Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG)


Universidade de Lisboa | CV

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Selected journal articles

Export destinations and input prices (with Joana Silva and Eric Verhoogen), American Economic Review, 108(2), 353-392, 2018. Appendix A. Appendix B.

World Bank Research Digest Summary (p. 4) | VoxDev Column | GEE-PwC Competitiveness and Internationalization Prize

Learning, prices, and firm dynamics (with Daniel Dias and Olga Timoshenko), Canadian Journal of Economics, 51(4), 1257-1311, 2018

Portuguese Economy Research Report | GEE-PwC Competitiveness and Internationalization Prize

Foreign acquisition and internal organization (with Natalia P. Monteiro and Odd Rune Straume), Journal of International Economics, 114(5), 143-163, 2018.

Exports and job training (with Joana Silva and Rafael Proenca), Review of International Economics, 24(4), 737-756, 2016

Does energy consumption respond to price shocks? Evidence from a regression-discontinuity design (with Lucio Castro, Julian Cristia and Carlos Scartascini), Journal of Industrial Economics, 63(2), 249-278, 2015.

The effect of private versus public ownership on labor earnings (with Odd Rune Straume and Natália P. Monteiro), Oxford Economic Papers, 66(4), 983-1005, 2014.

Rain, agriculture, and tariffs (with Odd Rune Straume and Jaime A. Urrego), Journal of International Economics, 90(2), 364-377, 2013.

Exchange rates and wages in unionized labor markets (with Peter Wright), Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 65(4), 975-999, 2012.

Networks, firms, and trade (with Joana Silva), Journal of International Economics, 87(2), 352-364, 2012.

Portuguese Economy Research Report

Globalization, product differentiation and wage inequality (with Odd Rune Straume), Canadian Journal of Economics, 45(3), 857-878, 2012.

Supply and quality choices in private child care markets: Evidence from São Paulo (with Julian Cristia), Journal of Development Economics, 98(2), 149-286, 2012.

Managers and wage policies (with Natália P. Monteiro), Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 20(4), 957-984, 2011. Lead article.

The quality of a firm's exports: Where you export to matters (with Joana Silva), Journal of International Economics, 82(2), 99-111, 2010. Lead article.

Open shop unions and product market competition (with Udo Kreickemeier and Peter Wright), Canadian Journal of Economics, 43(2), 640-662, 2010.

Identifying vertically differentiated products (with Joana Silva), Economics Letters, 106(1), 32-34, 2010.

Unions, competition and international trade in general equilibrium (with Udo Kreickemeier), Journal of International Economics, 79(2), 238-247, 2009.

Oligopoly, open shop unions and trade liberalisation (with Udo Kreickemeier and Peter Wright), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 27(6), 679-686, 2009.

Firm heterogeneity and wages in unionised labour markets: Theory and evidence (with Natália P. Monteiro and Odd Rune Straume), Labour Economics, 16(4), 440-450, 2009.

Work in progress

Robots, tasks, and trade (with Erhan Artuc and Bob Rijkers), World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 8674, December 2018.

Let's Talk Development | VoxDev Column

Resource rents, coercion, and local development: Evidence from post-apartheid South Africa (with Nicolas Bottan). Revise and resubmit, Canadian Journal of Economics.

World Bank Research Digest (p. 9) | Royal Economic Society

Exposure of Belt and Road Economies to China Trade Shocks, Revise and resubmit, Journal of Development Economics.

The Trade Post

Trade, jobs, and worker welfare (with Erhan Artuc and Eunhee Lee)

Good schools or good students? Evidence on school effects from universal random assignment of students to high-schools (with Julian Cristia, Beomsoo Kim and Ofer Malamud)

Business cycles, entrepreneurship, and firm dynamics (with Joana Silva and Sara Moreira)

Economic integration, industrial structure, and catch-up growth: Firm-level evidence from Poland (with Stefania Lovo, Gonzalo Varela and Jan Hagemejer)

Other Publications

Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains, World Development Report 2020 | Core team member, 2019

Access to pre-primary education and progression in primary school: Evidence from rural Guatemala (with Julian Cristia and Nicolas Bottan), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 65(3), 521-547, 2017

Preschool education in Brazil: Does public supply crowd out private enrollment? (with Odd Rune Straume), World Development, 78, 496-510, 2016

Drought impacts and cost analysis for Northeast Brazil, in De Nys, E., Engle, N. and Magalhaes, A. (eds.), Drought in Brazil: Proactive Management and Policy, 119-142, Taylor and Francis, 2016

The impact of private versus public ownership on the level and structure of employment (with Odd Rune Straume and Natália P. Monteiro), Economics of Transition, 22(2), 247-280, 2014

The wage and unemployment impacts of trade adjustment (with Joana Silva), in D. Greenaway, R. Upward and P. Wright (eds.), Globalisation and Labour Market Adjustment, 31-53, Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

The dynamics of international trade patterns (with Manuel Cabral), Review of World Economics, 143(3), 391-415, 2007