Paul Malool is an Armenian-American passionate about highlighting the culture of his ancestors. An avid amateur historian, Malool enjoys researching Armenian traditions, music and cuisine. He has even started to dabble in the flavors of his people by trying his hand at gourmet cooking!

Paul Malool Armenia

Paul Malool is a proud Armenian-American. Since childhood, his family’s roots have acted as an integral part of his cultural identity. Growing up, Malool spent his summers at Camp Nubar, an Armenian summer camp. The cultural elements present at Camp Nubar enriched Malool’s childhood. Attending Camp Nubar and actively participating in his family’s Armenian church instilled within him a lifelong fascination with his roots.

Now, Paul Malool is passing his love of Armenian culture onto his daughter. Together, the pair enjoy keeping tradition alive! In particular, Malool in his family are passionate about honoring the fallen on Commemoration Day of the Genocide Victims, which takes place on April 24 each year. In his view, it is important that the lives lost due to such a tragedy should never be forgotten. Malool is interested in supporting nonprofit efforts that will help bring this event in history to light.

Continuing with his love of culture, Paul Malool enjoys preparing gourmet dishes. His favorite cookbook of Armenian recipes is Dining at Noah’s Table by Dr. Harold H. “Buzz” Baxter. Malool enjoys intertwining the recipes of Dr. Baxter with instructions left behind by his own family members. His favorite recipes include Grilled Haloumi Cheese and Jilbour (Armenian egg stew). Seasoning history with modernity, Malool also enjoys adding a modern flair to traditional recipes, with the help of his daughter.

Paul Malool Gourmet Cooking