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Postdoctoral research associate of KU Leuven, Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Kulak Kortrijk Campus

Office: Elektrotechniek Kulak, Etienne Sabbelaan 53, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

Email: patrick[dot]kurschner[at]kuleuven[dot]be

Research focus:

Numerical and applied (multi)linear algebra, methods for eigenvalue problems, linear systems, matrix equations and matrix functions, preconditioning, model order reduction, (generalized) Krylov subspace methods, tensor methods, mathematical system and control theory, multivariate polynomials, signal processing

Pic (c) ebel[at]mpi-magdeburg[dot]mpg[dot]de, 2017


New Preprint:

03/2019: Low-rank updates and divide-and-conquer methods for quadratic matrix equations with Daniel Kressner, Stefano Massei

New Affiliation:

01.01.2019: I took up a new PostDoc position and joined Lieven De Lathauver's research group at Electrical Engineering (ESAT/STADIUS), Kulak Kortrijk Campus in Belgium