Patrick & Kate

A DIY Pop/Electro duo influenced by 90's Alternative Rock and a love for Indie Acoustic.




Patrick & Kate is a musical duo from northwestern Connecticut consisting of Patrick Downey and Katelyn Gavagan. Kate's roots are in classical and jazz music, while Patrick began his career writing and producing in an electro style.

Together, their musical journey began the day they met at an open mic, almost 2 years ago. Shortly after they started dating, and began creating music that challenged both of their backgrounds. Balancing music and their relationship has helped them set and accomplish goals such as performing on CT Style, gaining coverage on radio stations such as Torrington's WAPJ, Middletown's WESU, and Boston's WEMF, and booking shows playing their original music.

Patrick & Kate come together to create a pop/alternative style that is truly unique. Their first full-length album released in May of 2017, and a second album is already in the works!



“I've been playing your cd over and over- it's my new favorite! All the songs are great and I'm already singing along!”

— Susan, Colorado Fan

“So talented!”

Guilford Green Craft Expo, Guilford Art Center

“Patrick and Kate wanted both their personalities, interests, and struggles to show in the music. This gives the album — one that many listeners call “relatable” — an incredibly personal feel.”

— Registered Citizen

“Postcard (Beautiful Lies) sounds like it should be on the radio right now. Or in a club.”

Jesse D Marek, JD Marek Photography

“Primitive was in my head all day after I listened.”

— CT Style producers