Lending Library

Hearing Assistive Technology:

  • AEHI's Inaugural Professional Development Seminar "The Cutting Edge: Implants, Auditory Neuropathy, Literacy, Visual Phonics, and Cued Speech"
  • AfterShokz Sportz 2 Headphones
  • Cochlear Nucleus Euro Accessory Adaptor Euro Pin
  • Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+
  • Oticon Amigo Transmitter T30
  • Oticon Amigo Arc Receiver
  • New! Oticon Universal R2 Receiver(s)
  • Phonak Roger DigiMaster 5000
  • New! Phonak DigiMaster X
  • Phonak Roger EasyPen Transmitter
  • Phonak Roger Focus Receiver
  • Phonak Roger MyLink+
  • Phonak Roger Pass-Around
  • Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter
  • New! Phonak Select Transmitter
  • Phonak Roger X Universal Receiver
  • Roger Touchscreen Mic
  • Roger Multimedia Hub
  • Qball
  • UbiDuo 2 Wireless
  • Visually and Hearing Impaired Activity Center

Did you know that you can borrow apps, too?! Please request what apps you would like to try!