InterNational Cannabis Patients Wall

Welcome to the InterNational Cannabis Patients Wall, this is our "Virtual Wall". We have gathered on facebook at "The Patients Wall" in solidarity to represent our state in the United States or the country of our residence as patients that need cannabis for four years now. We reveal this new page and our updated home pages for our fourth anniversary April 4th 2018. Our cause is the Repeal of Cannabis Prohibition and the restoration of the human right to medicate naturally with cannabis. Click the icons below to view patients standing united as of midnight last night. The main data base updates then. Show your support for these brave patients. Scroll down further to add your name or the name of a loved one you wish to honor that has passed without the benefit of the chance to try natural healing with cannabis but was forced to use pharmaceutical drugs. Help build these walls donate here

Click the icons below to show your support. See the brave patients that stand in each state of the United States and across the world in many countries in support of cannabis and natural healing.

Click below and add your name to the International Cannabis Patients Wall and stand for change. "Share the truth about cannabis until the truth is public perception, cannabis prohibition has been repealed, and the war against humanity has stopped." Vicky Anderson, Assistant Director

Add your photo here to this gallery. Title of image should be your state and name. Give a description of your illnesses and your reason for joining us at the International Cannabis Patients Wall. Thank you for your support and for having the courage to stand against oppression and inhumane treatment. Yes I believe withholding safe, natural, medical treatment from those that need it to be oppressive and absolutely inhumane. The pursuit of health and happiness is our human right.