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Chairman's Corner

You ARE in good hands!

Ravi Ramakantan

Our routine and regular Thursday afternoon 'chest' meeting over with the chest department, I got up to leave - eheen a senior chest physician asked rather softly "Sir, when is your last day going to be?"

Now, no longer a secret , I said "July 31st. and I retire"

"Oh! You are retiring' he repeated emphasising retiring being different from resigning.

I then repeated the same mantra of how I will not get bored in retirement and what all I plan to do.

Soon, thereafter I returned to my room and was running a few administrative errands and there came very soft knocks on the door.

When the door open , I saw the trimurti of the three new 'girls' who had recently joined the department as residentys/postgraduate students.

In a pleading voice and almost in unison they said

"Sir, please do not leave now".

What followed was a lecture on what I passionately believe in.

"I want to go.. 40 years of radiology isd enough, I have other interests and other things to do - beyond medicine. I am through with the formal practice of radiology.. maybe I will teach a bit in KEM. You are welcome to join those teaching sessions.. Maybe I can come here once in a while to teach.

BUt, do not worry. You are surrounded by committed by commited faculty. You have seen in the last few days, how regular teaching sessions are being held.

They will go on..

Dr.. has drawn up an elaborate plan for organised planning and I am sure it will happen. The CR will coordinate this.

Do not worry.. the faculty and your DNB teachers have your interest at heart.. they will not let you down, ZI promise you that.. they have promised me that and I have no reason to doubt it.

You have seen the type of workload we have, you will learn a lot from your patients.. the faculty will help you along.

You see, no one is indispensable.. I am not.

The show will go on.. you have nothing to worry, nothing to be disappointed about.

You are in good hands!

June 2019.