Current Internships

Look for the Youth Pathways "we support youth" window stickers shown below and thank local businesses for committing to youth!

Who we are

The Youth Pathways Partnership is an association of local business, industry, education, and municipal representatives who have come together under a common purpose: to better the futures of youth. We realize that education cannot stand alone, and that we all have to do our part to support the youth of our communities.

What we do

Youth Pathways is a program that answers the problems businesses and industry face in working with youth- liability, insurance, and age restrictions.

Working in partnership with educational institutions, we create educationally aligned internship experiences for students in their Junior and Senior Year of high school. Utilizing educational exemptions to BOLI youth labor restrictions, we can allow participating youth to have high quality, hands on experience in many areas they would traditionally not be allowed to access, while gaining academic credit toward graduation. This Education/Business partnership covers the students under the school districts insurance, allowing participation in these real world work experiences so they can "test drive" their future career and make better, educated decisions about their post-secondary plans.

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