Passion in progress is a method we use to develop cultural affairs and curate culture.

There is passion in businesses and free arts. When this passion is recognised, curated and nurtured, its impact is limitless.

This method has been developed through many years of project-, and process management at Kollektivet Livet, wandering freely between the most autonomous art and commercial projects.

For further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact Andreas Blom here.

Ongoing projects:

Pre study: Kroppens hus

Pre study: Kroppens hus

Kroppens hus (The Body´s house) aims to become a new cultural destination in Stockholm. By combining the expertise of some of Sweden's most experienced investors with the finest institutions for science, arts and commerce, we aim to establish new means to train and encourage better health in society.

Tool for mapping: Mapping Hybrid

A mapping tool driven out of the love and curiosity for sustainable urban development incorporating arts and culture, where a process management tool is needed to bridge the worlds.

Creative think tank: Speak?ng Hybr!d

Speaking Hybrid was born in 2016 out of the mutual interest in combining cultural expressions with technological innovation, and seeing what happens when the analogue falls in love with the digital and produces offspring. With small organic steps we aim to learn, experience and create whatever falls on our path to realize the next project on the bucket list. Collaboration is key.