🐾 Hi, my name is Erin Fry, a retired flight attendant of several years, and I have established my own business with my husband Rich and daughter Kendall, which provides pet/house sitting, dog walking, and drop-in care for your pet(s). I am a mother of two teenage daughters and have been obsessed with and taken care of animals for years. I have been taking care of all breeds of dogs, including Pit bulls and Great Danes. I also take care of multiple animals at the same time. The comfort of animals is my first priority, and that's why I care for them in the safety and security of their own home. This reassures their owners that their pet is happy and thriving while they are away. I stay in your home and am a constant presence for your pet(s). I make sure they are given the same love and care that you give them every day. They aren't put in a kennel where they can become anxious, stressed, or sick and they are able to enjoy their everyday routine in their own home environment!

I have specialized my business to cater to your pet(s) by giving them individual attention and providing private walks within a variety of destinations. These destinations include : beach walks, hiking trails, walks along the pier, as well as their daily routine. My daughter and I are cautious about attending dog parks due to unexpected situations that might arise. We also offer ongoing training based on your pets needs and behavioral development.

I live in Pacifica, but have cared for animals all over San Mateo County. I have a very flexible schedule, however, summer bookings tend to fill up fast. My mission is to devote my time to create the most stress-free environment for your pet(s).🐾

🐾 Please Note : I do NOT have the facilities to board any animals at this time.🐾

Our Service Areas Include :

🐾 Pacifica, Montara, Half Moon Bay, Daly City, South San Francisco, Colma, San Bruno and other areas of San Mateo County.🐾

How to contact us :

🐾 Business Email : passionatefourpaws@gmail.com

🐾 Phone Number : (415) - 706 - 4008

Recent Updates for Summer :

We have recently added more dog walkers to our team and have been interviewing people for our new staff. We will have more flexibility during the mid day hours to accommodate your pet(s).

We are very excited to welcome the news edition to our team, Oliver Bishop:

🐾"My name is Oliver Bishop. Inspiring others and helping others make and obtain their goals is my passion, specifically kids and teens. In any given month I volunteer around 1-5 hours at junior high and elementary school music programs to help enrich the education that students are receiving. In the fall I will be going to San Francisco State to continue my degree in Music Education. But, Music and child development are not the only things I love. Ever since I was 2 years old I have had dogs and cats in my life and I also grew up around live stock like goats, pigs, chickens, horses, and cattle which as made me develop a passion for all walks of life big and small.

Living with animals has given me several unique experiences. I have helped deliver calves as well as administer intramuscular (IM) injections into horses for antibiotics. I also have experience with diabetic dogs, and diabetic cats that need shots of incline just below the skin (SubQ). If your pet(s) have specific medical needs or conditions, I am comfortable and capable of accommodating their needs. My life time experience with large animals has made the transition from being around my own animals to helping others take care of their outdoor and house pets very smooth. I have been dog walking and pet siting for 4 years now but my passion for animals started 21 years ago and will continue to grow every day." 🐾

Shout-outs :

🐾 I would like to give a shout out to my favorite pet supply store, Fog City Pet Supplies located on Palmetto in Pacifica. Nate, the owner of the store, is a big supporter for the locals who custom make organic and grain free food and treats. Nate is very knowledgeable on the products he sells and is an all around friendly guy. Please visit his shop and help him support our local Pacificans.🐾

🐾Our friend Dean Clark, owns a store in South San Francisco by the name of Friditas. His store offers a variety of products from pets (including toys, cloths, accessories, food, treats, and bedding) as well as jewelry and gifts. Dean is also known for using the proceeds of his sales to donate to the benefit of rescue dogs. Come visit his shop or his online website to take advantage of all his gifts and accessories for you and your pet(s).

You can find his store on132 Hazelwood Drive as well as his website at http://www.friditas.com. 🐾