The Passion Economy

How to turn your passion into a business

For too many their jobs are their life, but their life can be their job instead. All you need to do is find what you already have deep enough knowledge about, or identify what resource you have at your disposal and leverage that. Technology has changed the rules of life and business, you just have to learn how to exploit them.

The Passion Economy shift from mass production to small, passion-fueled endeavors.

Do you love taking care of children? Dogs? Do you like making things with your hands? There are hundreds of needs that people need on a daily basis. You may just not see them. Not everyone needs oxeygin tanks delivered to their home, but many people do. Not everyone needs their dog walked, but many do. And not everyone needs child care but oodles of people do. These are just a few examples of things, that if you're not aware of, or you've never known anyone in that position you'd never know that they exist.

There are two primary things that you have to do first.

  1. Get out there, be nosy, see what's going on in the world around you. Your neighborhood, your city.

  2. And then think outside of the box, especially when something seems impossible. That's where the most need is.

One: Go see what people are doing. And what they're not doing. Look at how or where they place the water at your local coffee shop. They probably have good reasons for doing what they do. But sometimes a fresh eye can catch things that someone who becomes blind to the place by the daily grind can't see.

Two: As a musician who plays a style of music that is neither here nor there. It's not hipster enough, and it's not Latin enough. And it's not necessariy in English. It was difficult to find a market. It wasn't until I thought hard for some time about my gig situation that I cracked an answer out of that rock.

I analyzed what element I needed. Then I looked at society to see where those elements already exist. Or where I can cause them to exist.