APRIL 2019


Ashley Auva'a
Ashley Auva'a (photo courtesy of Mario Vega)

Pasifika First Fridays is proud to present a Master Class featuring one of Utah's top makeup artist, Ashley Auva'a. As a makeup artist, Ashley is self-made and self-taught and continues to share her talents on the 'gram (@ashleyauvaa) and YouTube channel with a message of beauty, Polynesian pride, and encouragement for other. Her love for makeup can be traced all the way back to when she was a child watching her beautiful mother get ready in the mirror for events or church. Ashley's intrigue with transformation would grow into a motivating factor of Ashley getting her first job to support her art supply purchases and makeup counter trips. Not much has changed as Ashley works full-time while pursuing her craft because she is passionate about making others view themselves as empowered and beauty.

Join Ashley and Pasifika First Fridays on April 5th, for a free makeup Master Class dedicated for fresh and light looks for the spring season. April's Master Class will feature various models with a range of looks with opportunities for audience members to purchase makeup sessions on site. For questions, email contact@pasifikafirstfridays.com.