Selected works

JULY 2018

1918 Le Moana USA Tour 2018_Salt Lake City.pdf

Pasifika First Fridays Festival is proud to present: "1918" by Le Moana

Come and meet Tupe Lualua, Founder and Artistic Director of Le Moana - a dance company based in Wellington, New Zealand that will be touring 5 U.S. cities this summer in 5 weeks - with their theater production of 1918 and dance workshops.

"1918" is a response to the devastating Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918 that swept across the globe but hadits worst effects in the then New Zealand colony of Western Sāmoa. This devastating disease travelled from New Zealand to Sāmoa on the passenger and cargo ship, SS Talune, claiming the lives of almost a third of the population. This dreadful period in Sāmoa's history became a catalyst for resistance against the New Zealand colonial government which eventually led to Sāmoa's independence. 2018 marks the 100 year anniversary since this tragic and pivotal event.

Le Moana is a vessel for the exchange of stories, concepts and ideas through the medium of Pacific dance, theatre and film. The Le Moana collective are graduates of the internationally renowned Whitireia Performing Arts and have been professionally trained in Māori Haka from New Zealand, Siva from Sāmoa, Ura from the Cook Islands and New Zealand Contemporary Dance.

Le Moana was established as a vessel for building cultural bridges and as a platform for the development of Pacific Heritage and Contemporary dance on a local and global scale.



Pasifika First Fridays Festival is proud to present: "She Who Dies To Live",

Written and Performed By: Jahra ‘Rager’ Wasasala, Jocelyn Kapumealani Ng, Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner, Terisa Siagatonu

What if our health depended upon telling the truth about what is happening to us? This multimedia spoken word experience reimagines Death as a vital vein of Pasefika experience, rather than an end to our island narratives. Featuring an all-female lineup of performers representing Fiji, Samoa, the Marshall Islands and Hawai‘i, She Who Dies to Live represents a convergence of different Pasefika voices, and of various art forms and storytelling methods. Come take part in this reconsideration of Death as the fulcrum on which Life in Oceania balances the realities of nuclear testing, militarism, suicide and colonization.