Pascal Molli

Full Professor, Nantes University, France , Head of GDD team, LS2N, UFR de Sciences et Techniques 2, rue de la Houssinière BP 92208 44322 NANTES CEDEX 3, FRANCE Tel : +33 251125810 Office: 34-401

Pr. Pascal Molli graduated from Nancy University (France) and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Nancy University in 1996. From 1997 to September 2010, he is Associate Professor at University of Nancy. In 1998, he participated to the creation of the INRIA ECOO (Environments for Cooperation) project. In 2001, he becomes vice-head of the INRIA ECOO Team. In October 2009, he creates and leads the INRIA SCORE team. From September 2010 to current, he is Full Professor at University of Nantes and is head of GDD Team in LS2N research center.

Pr. Molli published more than 100 papers in software engineering, information systems, distributed systems, computer supported cooperative work and semantic web. He has served on program committee of 30 conferences or workshops. He participated to national projects such as Libresource, Xwiki-Concerto, Concordant, STREAMS, Kolflow and international projects such as European Project Qualipso. He is currently involved in project Socioplug, Obrowser and the coordinator of labex cominlabs project Descent.

Pr. Molli mainly worked on distributed collaborative systems and focused on problems of consistency of shared data in collaborative environments and awareness models for collaborative editing. His current research topics are:

  • Algorithms for distributed collaborative systems : consistency criteria for collaborative systems and algorithms to enforce consistency
  • Decentralizing the Semantic Web. Make the web decentralized again.



Recent Talks are available on GDD site. Some selected talks:

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