Smart Terminal for payments of "on street" parking fees and inspection of compliance

PARX's EasyPark Smart Terminal is the ideal tool for advanced municipal parking management . With the Easypark Smart Terminal the Parking Marshal can sell parking time , accepting either cash or prepaid vouchers Every payment is immediately recorded on the cloud making sure the process is fully transparent to all stakeholders.

The EasyPark Smart Terminal is based on locally available Android smartphones so low equipment cost and technical supportability is assured together with guaranteed upgradability , scalability and a full scope of required ancillary equipment . Receipts are printed on a belt carried small mobile printer connected to the Smart Terminal using BT communication.

Some of the Smart Terminal operating screens

Multiple functionalities

Using the Smart Terminal the Parking Marshal can quickly and easily perform several functions including accepting payments , checking for compliance , generating an invoice and checking past data

Accepting payments

Each payment received is recorded on the cloud including information such as the vehicle License Plate Number (LPN). If available special rates are automatically granted to residents based on the LPN . All legal information is recorded for generating proper invoices and receipts

Confirm and print

Once the process is completed the information is presented to the Parking Marshall for final confirmation following which the message is sent to the server and is duly recorded for future reference

On-Line display

At the main control center of the parking operation, all parking events are recorded and presented on a large screen display . Parking Marshals' location is also recorded and displayed for monitoring and control purposes

And this is only the beginning !!

The Smart Terminal operation can be upgraded to the well known Easy Park full scale Integrated Parking management System (IPMS ) comprising a mobile phone based payments facility operated by the drives themselves , an advanced parking enforcement solution , Parking Analytics and much more !! . Call us to discuss .