Partners in Education (PIE)

Foothills Community Foundation


PIE will provide a means for the members of the Desert Foothills Community to access engaging programs, projects, and supports that will positively influence the quality of life for all of our neighbors.


Partners in Education (PIE) seeks to design and implement a community-wide framework that will support and sustain education as a lifelong process within the Desert Hills Community.

What purpose does Partners in Education fulfill?

Partners in Education (PIE) traces its origins to the Community Public Education Partnership, formed in 1990 to support early childhood development in the North Foothills Community. Today, PIE works to expand and sustain personal growth and education as a lifelong process. Its projects and scholarship grants promote what the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) describes as “the fullest possible development of each learner for living morally, creatively and productively in a democratic society.”

Partners in Education Committe Members

  • Karen Anderson: Community Member, PIE Member
  • Don Brown: Founder and Principal of Bella Visita Preparatory School, PIE Member
  • Cara Herkamp: Director of Curriculum and Instruction-CCUSD, PIE Member
  • Evelyn Holbrook: Business Manger - CCUSD Fine Arts Center, FCF Board Member/PIE Member
  • Nancy Pratt: Director of Instructional Technology-CCUSD, PIE Member
  • Sharon Pristash: Principal of Annunciation Catholic School, PIE Member
  • Paula Scully: Retired CCUSD Science Teacher, Owner/Director-Scully Learning Center, Kiwanis Member, PIE Member
  • Nancy Shaver: Retired Elementary School Principal - CCUSD, PIE Member