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Why choose us for your photo canvas prints?

Eye-popping colours that won’t fade

Your print is made with outstanding 100-year+ fade-resistant pigment inks, which deliver incredible quality, the sharpest detail, and bright, vibrant colour that lights up your room.

Sharper image interpolation

Our state-of-the-art imaging software gives you a cleaner, crisper print, without the extreme loss of sharpness, detail, or pixellation that you might expect from other printers.

We use stronger materials that are built to last

We use solid 38mm European pine framing and 420gsm heavyweight premium archival-grade canvas for your prints. They’re not just off-the-shelf solutions—our frames and canvasses are designed for fine art and photography reproduction, and are all hand-made to ensure your canvas prints last a lifetime.

Parrot Print Canvas

3 Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks!

Now we always don't have a DSLR or a professional camera with us and you might not own a DSLR but you like taking images that doesn't mean you can't take good images just with your mobile phone. Today we will see how to combine the mobile camera and amazing techniques and create some amazing images. So without wasting any time let's get into it

  • The first thing is shooting macro and bookish images

Now when you shooting macro images you want the subject to be sharp and you want the background to be blurred. So what we are doing is we are switching to manual focus and then we are bringing the focus right to macro from infinity. So at the macro level, you have the flexibility to keep the subject sharp but the background and will be blurry. So you move your camera until and unless the subject is sharp and then you get amazing macro images. You can use this technique to not only shoot macro images but also captured bouquet. So when you are capturing bouquet you want the light sources to be blurry. So place the light sources at a distance and then use the same technique. Keep your focus all the way towards the macro and you will get those amazing blurry bookish backgrounds. You can also introduce a subject closer to the camera and get these amazing images. So try and experiment with focus and capture amazing macro and bookish images.

  • The second thing is capturing HDR images

So HDR means high dynamic range. When you have very bright highlights and when you have very dark shadows it is difficult to capture the details in a single image. When you seeing it with your eyes it looks pretty normal but when you're capturing it with the camera the camera is not able to capture all the details. So we are using a technique known as exposure bracketing. You can also use the HDR feature that comes with your camera app but that doesn't give so professional results. So in exposure bracketing, we are setting the number of shots and we are also setting the exposure levels. The app we are using is the camera fb5, the first thing is to set the number of shots and as I said the next thing is to set the exposure levels. So the negative side is a darker exposure the positive side is a brighter exposure and zero means a proper optimal exposure.

So for example, if you are shooting it at minus 2 minus 1 0 plus 1 and plus 2 we are capturing all the way from dark to bright images. We take all these images combine them in Photoshop and get a single image with details in highlights in shadows it looks natural and it looks great. So use exposure bracketing just remember when you're using exposure bracketing. Make sure there's some kind of tripod or your hands are pretty stable because you want all the images to be aligned right. So whenever you feel you have very bright sky and dark foreground try exposure bracketing and get amazing images.

  • The next thing is shooting time-lapse

Now people believe to shoot time-lapse you need a fancy camera or you need fancy camera gear. But it's not like that you can shoot amazing time lapses just with a mobile phone but here you need a tripod because you can't afford the time lapse to be shaky. So once your mobile phone is set on a tripod you can use different camera apps to shoot time lapses. So here you can set the interval, the interval is basically the time gap between two images so the idea is to shoot multiple images and then the app will combine those and make a time-lapse for. So you can even shoot RAW images if you want to you can later go home and combine them as a time-lapse. Then you can also change the resolution, you can change the format and once you're good to go once you have fixed the composition lock down the composition and focus and start shooting and after a few minutes you will get amazing time lapses.


Parrot Print Canvas



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