Digital Economics Paris - Seminars

A joint initiative of Institut Mines Télécom - Business School, Telecom Paris, and the University of Paris-Saclay. This list includes seminars in cooperation with the jDES network.

Calendar - Spring 2022

Two seminar series are organized during Spring 2022. The joint Digital Economics Seminar (jDES) is online and organized in cooperation with the jDES network.

  • Jan/28, 15.00 [jDES]: Bruno Carballa Smichowski (JRC): When ‘the’ market loses its relevance: an empirical analysis of demand-side linkages in platform ecosystems (joint with N. Duch-Brown, A. Gomez-Losada, and B. Martens)

  • Feb/11, 15.00 [jDES]: Ambre Nicolle (ENSAI - CREST): The impact of trade wars on uninvolved countries: Evidence from the smartphone market

  • Feb/25, 15.00 [jDES]: Michael Luca (Harvard Business School): Designing inclusive platforms (joint with A. Aneja and O.Reshef)

  • Mar/18, 15.00 [jDES]: Robert Somogyi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics): News Media Bargaining Codes (joint with L. Sandrini)

  • Apr/22, 15.00 [jDES]: Alexandre de Cornière (TSE): Data-driven mergers (joint with G. Taylor)

  • May/27, 15.00 [jDES]: Anna Kerkhof (ifo Institute for Economic Research): Debunking fake news on social media: short- and longer-term effects of fact checking and media literacy interventions (joint with F. Mindl, L.M. Müller, and J. Münster)

An in-person seminar series is organized on Thursday at Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris (Palaiseau, 31 boulevard Thomas Gobert).

  • Feb/10, 14:00: Thomas Lambert (Rotterdam School of Management): Spillovers in Crowdfunding (joint with P. Belleflamme and A. Schwienbacher)

  • Feb/24, 14:00: Roland Rathelot (ENSAE - CREST): How do women and men search for jobs? (joint with L. Hensvik and T. Le Barbanchon)

  • May/19, 14:00: Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University): Behavioral advertising and consumer welfare: An empirical investigation (joint with E. Mustri and I. Adjerid) [CANCELLED]

  • Jun/22, 14.00: Idris Adjerid (Virginia Tech): Privacy Regulation and Barriers to Public Health (joint with J. Buckman, and C. E. Tucker)


  • Paris Seminars take place on Thursday, 14:00-16:00 (CET).

  • The jDES usually takes place on Friday from 15:00 to 16:00 (CET).

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