Parent/Guardian Teacher Conferences


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conferences will be held on dates and times listed above. The conference is an essential means of communicating with the school and your child’s teachers about your child’s progress. In the time before the conferences, I encourage you to come up with questions about your child and his/her achievement to date. As a starting point for your thinking, visit the PowerSchool parent portal and check your child’s grades. The purpose of the conference is to afford an opportunity for sharing information and views designed to promote the welfare of your child. During the conference, you are invited to discuss his/her program and progress and to set goals for the remainder of the year.

Please think about the information you would like to receive from the teacher regarding your child’s progress and information you think the teachers should know to help promote the highest level of achievement.

The following are some questions you may want to ask:

  • How can I support his/her work at home?
  • How does he/she get along with others?
  • What difficulties, if any, is he/she experiencing?
  • Is he/she working to his/her ability?
  • How much time should he/she be spending on work at home?

It is also important for you to tell the teachers about your child’s home life, hobbies and habits. This information will help the teachers to understand your child better.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Parent/Guardian conferences are scheduled through your PowerSchool Parent Portal account on the Portal Website only. The option is currently not available through the App or on a Smart Phone. Here is the link to the website Link . Parents/Guardians with more than one child in the district can schedule appointments for each child separately. If you are unable to schedule through the Parent Portal please contact the schools offices directly to create a Portal Account.

Select the Request Interview Icon

Click on the Event Name dropdown box and select a date

You can click on any time slot(s) marked available by your student’s teacher(s)

After selecting time slot(s) click on Submit Request(s) at the bottom of the screen.

Please enter your first and last name in the “Who is Attending” box

Click to check the confirm box

Click the Confirm Request(s) button

After clicking on the Confirm Request(s) button, you are all set!

How to Review or Delete an Appointment

Select the Review Interviews Icon

Click on the Event Name dropdown box and select the date you scheduled for

If you need to change or delete the appointment click on Delete Appointment. To reschedule follow “How do I schedule an appointment” from above.

Reading Intervention

Sign up for an additional conference with the Reading Department to discuss what we are working on with your child in the Leveled Literacy Intervention program, what we are noticing about your child’s reading behaviors, and how you can support your child’s reading at home. You might want to consider planning this conference either before or after your conference with your child’s classroom teacher. Be sure to go to Event box and use the Reading Intervention dropdown when you schedule. If you would rather have a phone conference, please email Jennifer Jones at or Ann Sisti at directly. We look forward to talking with you!

Jennifer Jones, Reading Specialist, ECS

Ann Sisti, Reading Teacher, ECS