Parent Scales & Chord Scales

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© 2013 by Raphaël Van Goubergen (SABAM) – all rights reserved (3rd edition revised – 2020)

This book is, in the present supply in Jazz Harmony books, the most comprehensive book on ALL scales, chords and modes, and their origin:

WHEN to use them, WHY to use them, HOW to use them, …

About the book

The intention of this book is to open up your mind and ears to all the beautiful possibilities of the tonal (as opposed to a-tonal) harmonic system. It reveals all the secrets of music analysis (tonality, chords and modes), and proposes a Jazz analysis method that combines both a vertical analysis of music (a typical “Jazz” way of thinking) based on modern chord symbols, further developed as the chord scale approach – and (only a basic) horizontal analysis (a typical “Classical” way of thinking), further developed as the parent scale approach. All musicians, Jazz and Pop musicians, but young Classical musicians too, have a lot to gain in knowing the Jazz Harmony, obviously for composition, arranging and improvisation purposes, but also to understand the music they’re playing, facilitating the memory, the technique and the performing.

About the author

Raph Van Goubergen (14th of April 1962) has been teaching piano, singing, ensemble, ear training, rhythm, music theory and jazz harmony, improvisation, composition, and musical genres since 1983. A lot of his students became professional musicians in both classical and jazz music. In 2009 he created the Class & Jazz Alternative Music School, a new project that strives to offer qualitative music teaching in all styles. Raph first learned the piano with his father, August Van Goubergen, at the age of 8. He later attended music theory and piano courses in his hometown, Kampenhout, in Brussels and in Leuven. He developed a preference for jazz and blues under the influence of both his father and his uncle, Willy Van Goubergen. From childhood on, he also was a singer and a guitarist. He had his first jazz harmony lessons at the age of 20 with Pierre Van Dormael, a material he developed self-taught, and permanently keeps developing, by studying the masters.. He was 14 years old when he started performing on stage. He did his first recording at the age of 19. Most of the bands he played with involved Raph as pianist, keyboard player and backing vocalist, but often also in the role of composer, arranger and musical director.