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Product Name: Parallel Profits

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Authors: Steve Clayton And Aidan Booth

WHAT Is EXACTLY Parallel Profits All About?

rallel Profits teaches a business model that is without doubt one of the fastest ways to generate a full time living working from home. In fact, you only need as little as 7 "sales" to create a $100,000 per year run-rate.

The business model is selling simple services to local businesses but with three BIG twists that make this product (and launch) completely unique and different to anything ANYONE has done before.

1. People who follow the training will be invited to work together with us as part of a franchise. This means they won't need to worry about creating a brand, domain name or website. Neither will they need to worry about copywriting or marketing materials. Everything will already by set up and ready to go so they can secure their territory and start making sales with immediate effect.

2. When they secure local businesses as clients, they won't need to perform, or even outsource any of the services that they will be offering to them. Why? Because there will be a full team in place to do all the work for them, eliminating the need for experience or expertise.

3. Thanks to the unique client capture system and as a benefit of partnering with us, customers of Parallel Profits won't even need to have any face to face interaction with customers, or do any selling at all, thanks to a variety of built-in lead-gen systems and processes!

These three "twists" will remove almost all the usual roadblocks that people hit when trying to build a business, make the model highly scalable and subsequently will dramatically increase their chances of success.

Having said all that, the product will ALSO deliver full training on this business model, so if people want to go it alone, they can absolutely do that.

Introducing Aidan Booth

As you may already know, Aidan Booth is digital marketing and eCommerce expert. You can find out more about him on – his personal internet marketing website. That’s where he shares all the latest information about what he has been doing to create success for himself and his clients. It’s also where he shares useful information and advice to subscribers around the world.Here, we are going to introduce you to some basic information Aida Background

He grew up on a farm located in a small rural town in New Zealand. If you’re a fellow Kiwi, you’ll know it as being about 20 minutes outside of Masterton.

He started his journey into the online world almost by mistake. Carolina, his wife, is from Argentina, and he met her during 2003 during a trip to Lake Tahoe – a stunning place which they both still love. They quickly moved to Argentina to continue their romance, and when Aidan arrived at the airport in Buenos Aires, he didn’t know how to speak a word of Spanish.

Living on a visa that classified him as a tourist, he knew no-one was going to give him a job, which meant that he needed to find a different way of making money. Fortunately, he turned to the web for online work, which led he down into a rabbit hole of amazing opportunities.

Starting His First Website

His first experience with digital marketing began in 2005, when he started his first website. He had absolutely no clue what he was doing at the time, but he knew he had to do some experimenting if he wanted to be successful. As you might have guessed, the site didn’t make me a lot of money, but he was able to eat for free at some of the best steakhouses in Buenos Aires – which was a huge plus. At the same time, he was playing around with other websites too.

By the time 2006 rolled around, he felt more confident about working in the digital world, and he was able to set up a number of basic affiliate websites, sending traffic through to them using Google AdWords. Although his commissions weren’t huge, he was finding a new way to make money, and that’s what mattered to him at the time.

Eventually, he began to move my focus elsewhere, shifting away from affiliate site with paid traffic, to a mixture of eCommerce and affiliate sites designed to make the most out of Google traffic.

Crunching The Numbers

He is proud to say that he has always been savvy with numbers. In fact, when he was in university he studied “Manufacturing and Industrial engineering” which required a lot of knowledge about math. That meant when he came across new programs like Google Analytics, he began to find his true affinity online.

Finally, he knew how to find out exactly what was going on with my websites, which meant that he could pinpoint some of the weaker areas in his strategies, and exploit more effective elements in my campaign. He learned to test everything he did, and my results took my work to the next level.

Gradually, his eCommerce and Affiliate sites became more lucrative, and he started to feel as though he had cracked the digital code.

Designing a Factory

Things went into turbo-drive from that point onwards. He went into overdrive, and hired a team in the Philippines who began to crank out new websites for him at a rate of about 3 new sites per day. At the same time, he had image designers, writers, and builders working together.

n fact, he was even hiring a project manager who placed all the pieces of the puzzle together on my behalf. After a while, he ended up with a huge 1500+ websites, and although not all of them were profitable, he was able to afford the failures, because the sites that were working were basically printing money.His business was on a roll, and during this time, he started his partnership with a mentor and friend called Brian G Johnson. After some careful deliberation, he decided to release an internet marketing training course that shared the strategies that worked so well for us

Too Good to be True

When he looks back on his journey now, he can see that it was too good to be true

Eventually, he knew that something had to give, and it did

So much of my work was based on Google rankings, and when Google released the change to their algorithm that took place in May 2010, hundreds of his websites were slapped into oblivion, disappearing from Google never to resurface again

Fortunately, only about a third of the website he ran were damaged in total. However, the ones that suffered still managed to perform well in other search engines. However, he knew that he had to do something different

The algorithm change created a huge shift in the way he needed to run his business. He began to diversify much more than he had in the past, and he took my eCommerce sites to the next level, allowing them to earn as much, if not more than my affiliate sites

His Life Today

If we fast forward to now, it’s easy to see that his business has transformed completely to what it was a few years ago in 2005. He partnered with Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton a few years ago, and that was the first big change. Suddenly, he was only a third-owner of his business, rather than 100%

He had people that relied on him, and expected certain things. He also have to give a lot of credit to Steve for his amazing planning solutions. Steve began as the CFO for a Fortune 500 company, so he really knew what he was doing

Before he got involved with Tim and Steve, he understood how important it was to diversify his business, but he never developed a structured plan on how he’d go about doing it. He was flying blind and using intuition to get him where he needed to be. This was the first thing to change in his new company, and it made a huge difference. Now he has just released his new online training course called Parallel Profits where he explaines how he started with his 7 figure online business from scratch. You can read more about Aidan Booth’s Parallel Profits her

Planning allowed him to give my business a new dimension, and he never looked back

Steve Clayton Parallel Profit

Steve Clayton launched his product 100K Factory Revolution with his business partner Aidan last February 2017. Now they are at it again with their new product Parallel Profits to be released this January 2019

  • Fortune 500 Company CF

Before Steve partnered up with Aidan Booth he was the CFO of a Fortune 500 company. You may also remember his products with Tim Godfrey; Commission Blueprint, 2.0 and the Black Edition, Evolution. All of the above products became top sellers in the Clickbank marketplace (biggest digital network)

  • Commission Blueprin

Designed with the newbie mindset in min

A step by step guide on pay per click (PPC

Learn how to sell affiliate products on Clickban

  • Commission Blueprint 2.

2.0 was full of the same great stuf

Training on search engine optimization (SEO

Focused on both on page SEO and off page SE

Learned how to dominate top spots in Google and other major search engine

Commission Blueprint Black Editio

A focus on taking the absolute beginne

Step by step process to building a profitable ecommerce websit

  • Business SE

Steve has also made a lot of money online with business search engine optimization. He took a business from not being found on the internet to giving them a full blown internet presence while building himself a 6 figure online business

Parallel Profit

How to make money easily from the Internet is the destination of our journey now from our website money makers where the Internet has become a means of the age and used by millions of people, especially young people, where they spend a lot of time in use so it is possible to exploit this time to make a lot of profits easily

BEST Way To Make MONEY Online 201

Profit from the Internet is a way to get already has on the ground is the fact that no doubt where, but not widely known to profit from the Internet requires a major effort can not be achieved profits overnight, but when the effort will be able to earn a lot of money

The profit from the Internet needs to be a continuation and professionalism of one of the areas that generate income on the Internet and there are a lot of sites through which to make money, including, for example

1) Making profits from YouTube

YouTube is one of the best and most famous sites in which a lot of revenue can be achieved. It requires a camera and no shyness to face the camera

YouTube also requires continuity in constantly changing content by providing all that people like and in line with their interests, preferably your channel on YouTube is specialized in a specific area

When you make videos on YouTube you should be distinguished in the content you provide, where there are millions of others working on this site. If you are not distinguished, you will not find anyone who hears you and therefore will not make profits because the profit on YouTube depends on the number of views

2) Make a profit from selling commission online

A person can make a profit by selling currencies online where there are many sites and companies that want to sell their products by delivering products to the consumer

It also plays the role of an online marketer who connects products to the consumer for a lot of money by agreeing with companies. There are also a large number of ways marketers reach consumers and market products so that they can make a lot of money

Twitter is the most popular site for the Gulf, YouTube and Facebook

3) Profit through the sale of mini-services

Winning through the sale of online mini-services is one of the areas of money making. This is done by having more than one website offering e-services such as writing articles, translation and web design for mone

This service is offered on some sites and people can buy this service so you must have the ability to professionalism in one of these services and you display your services on these sites and when you buy this service by someone you will get money

But if you do not specialize in any of these services, you should learn well and do not miss the opportunity. You can learn through videos on YouTube after you have chosen the field you want to work with, as these videos teach you the right way to become professional. To make money

4) Make Profit From Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most famous domains on the net that can be used to make profits

The profits are generated through this site by owning a website that has good content and a lot of people like it. The blog or site can be filled with many articles that allow you to subscribe to Adsense

Then after you sign up for this site the ads are displayed and you can not click them only for visitors

By clicking on these ads through visitors, they make a lot of money and profits

Now let's take a new journey with the details of the topic: 12 Ways You Can Absolutely Make Money Onlin

At the end of our detailed journey on how to earn money easily from the Internet, we have provided you with the most important sites that you can use for your skills in making profits easily, so I invite you to support us and share this article for the benefit