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FiveM Player Guide

Welcome to the official Paradox Gaming FiveM Player Guide! In this guide you will find vital information to be successful on the server and in the community.

A good place to start may be the Getting Started section, this will guide you through the first steps when joining the server!

Afterwards you may wish to continue reading through the other sections however you can use this as reference tool as you're playing if you find that more useful.

This guide is a work in progress, as new features get released, the guide will be updated ASAP. Please let us know about any changes or if you find any mistakes that need resolving by creating a ticket on the Discord.

Guide Changelog


  • Updated cache document


  • Updated some Commands/Keybinds

  • Renamed "Recording FiveM with Shadowplay/Radeon Software" to "Recording FiveM" and added the option for Windows game bar recordings as the preferred method



  • Changed Illegal Activities to say that there are hidden locations to find and that Lester no longer exists (stop asking about him!)


  • Removed Stocks as they were a buggy mess


  • Added A BUNCH of common questions to the FAQ and edited a few.


  • Removed specific pages for illegal activities, it has been condensed down to reduce the amount of hand holding for criminals and means this information should be found out in the city from experienced players


  • Updated Rules to link to the main website to save updating every time

  • Modified Key Rules for updated greenzones.


  • Added a notice to the Weapons page about not being able to hold multiples of the same type of weapons.


  • Fixed the connection links in FAQ to be the current cfx.re connection link



  • Updated Rules with the updated server rules.


  • Updated Hunting with the video from the person who made the script so hopefully its more understandable.


  • Updated Oil Refining with a new video which better outlines the process for the job based on player feedback. More videos etc. will be available with the upcoming 3.0 update! Please submit your feedback and more sections of the guide will be updated!


  • Fixed the icons being low quality and weird since I found a better high quality one.


  • Somehow somebody got Innocence Blvd and Vespucci Blvd mixed up for the chop shop location... I wonder how that happened???



  • Updated page headers for all pages to match homepage


  • Updated FAQ page with new medical appointment link

  • Fixed a few grammatical and punctuation errors in some places


  • Updated navigation layout for vehicles and moved relevant pages to that section.

  • Added page about the new nitrous system.

  • Updated unemployed page to note the $500 paycheck every 20 minutes.

  • Updated robberies page to remove note about house robberies being disabled.

  • Updated drugs section noting that NPC's will buy a random amount of drugs based on the number you currently possess.

  • Added changelog to guide home page (hey!).


  • Small changes to fishing and hunting pages to make the design more mobile friendly (I appreciate the 31.8% of you that use mobile!)


  • Rewrote majority of the Jobs & Activities page to prepare for new jobs coming soon.

  • Redesigned fishing and hunting activity pages with a new design idea.

  • Some QOL and aesthetic changes to other pages to keep them up to date and ensure ease of use and access.

  • Swapped out the ad banner ;)

Last Updated: 05-11-2021