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FiveM Player Guide

Welcome to the official Paradox Gaming FiveM Player Guide! In this guide you will find vital information to be successful on the server and in the community.

If you are new, read the whole thing. If you are sent this guide it is because we know the answer is here READ IT! There is a table of contents below for your assistance and links to the main sections on the left sidebar!

Certain sections have code blocks containing update logs, these provide more in depth information about the function directly from the developers. Feel free to have a read of these if you are struggling or need additional info about a certain part of the functionality described.

This guide is a work in progress, as new features get released, the guide will be updated ASAP. Please let us know about any changes or if you find any mistakes that need resolving by creating a ticket on the Discord.

Table Of Contents

Getting Started

The three websites you will be utilizing are:




Each of these websites provide different levels of engagement within the community. The main website is where you will have the opportunity to apply for a business permit, apply to be LEO/EMS/Dispatch/Support Staff, and is where you will be appealing any bans.

The community discord is where you will find all the information you need for the server, while also being able to chat and keep up to date with happenings in the community. You can also use this to create a ticket or submit a report using the correct formats.

The Paradox Gaming CAD is where you will give your character their citizenship in San Andreas. Having your characters registered will assist in having smooth interactions with LEO members, should you cross paths with them. It is where your vehicles, guns, and criminal history will be displayed.

First Join

Upon loading the server for the first time, you will find yourself inside of an apartment.

This is where you will create your character model for the first time. After you go through the settings and create the persona of your liking, confirm your selection and you are now free to live your life in San Andreas. Once you exit the apartment, you will be placed at 1 of 5 random locations, where your RP journey will begin. Within the apartment, there is a plastic surgery point, in case you need to change your character features. Jobs and another plastic surgeon can be found at city hall.

Hearing global voice? Cycle your voice ranges with Shift + H 3 times until you get back to N.

*Note* Any attire you put on, such as watches, etc. are permanent unless you change them at a clothing shop. Masks cannot be removed until bought from the mask shop. Once you have bought a mask, you can toggle it with /mask.

FiveM Rules

Paradox FiveM Server Rules

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Question's)

The server isn’t showing up on the server list, how do I join???

    • If you are having trouble connecting to the server, here's a few things to try:
      • Direct Connect: Just type in the IP address
      • Press F8 and type:
      • Restart FiveM
      • Go to our website (paradoxgaming.co) and click on the IP address on the server widget that's located on the right side of the home page
      • Use the button at the top of this guide (thanks to Smallo for the link)

How do I do <enter feature here>/<enter job here>?

  • Take a look at our commands and keybinds sections for common functions or find the dedicated section for the feature you’re trying to use! Yes you can use Ctrl + F to search!

I found a bug!?!?!? Where do I report it????

  • Please create a support ticket on the Discord and our mod team will help you to forward to bug to ours devs!

I’m pressing U to lock my vehicle but it won’t work?!

  • Make sure you’re looking directly at the vehicle you wish to lock, with your camera facing at the centre of the vehicle.

How do I do <insert illegal activity here>?

  • Sorry but we can’t help you out with that, you’re going to have to find that out in RP.

I can hear everybody in the server, is this right???

  • No you’re correct, that’s not right, however it is a known bug and you should cycle your voice ranges using Shift + H. Do this 3 times until it shows N again and you’re back to normal!

I got banned from the server, admin please help!

  • We don’t discuss bans on our Discord or anywhere other than in an appeal. Please appeal your ban on our website.

Hey, which job is best?

  • All the jobs pay out similar amounts and so it's up to what you enjoy the most. Choose based on enjoyment and not based on pay.

I accidentally exited the character creation menu, is there a way to re-enter it?

  • Luckily, there is another plastic surgeon marker within the starting apartment. If you have already left there is a plastic surgeon and many clothing stores around the map to customize your character for a small fee.

I’ve just been RDM’d/VDM’d/there’s a hacker/<insert other rules>, what do I do?

  • Please use the report function to report another player. Please try to be as detailed as possible but don’t worry if you don’t have the name of the player you’re reporting! Just DM @Paradox Mail (bot at top of members list) in our Discord and a staff member will be in contact!
  • We have logs for a lot of server functions but if the player you're reporting isn't speaking and so you don't know their name/ID, you can try giving them something in your inventory to retrieve their steam name!

There's no LEO/EMS/<other department> on, what do I do?

  • Unfortunately it’s almost impossible for us to have people from each department on 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. Everyone here has lives outside of the community however if you wish to apply to become a member of one of those departments you are free to as long as you meet the requirements! Please read the requirements and apply for one of our whitelisted jobs here.

Where can I report a member of staff?

  • We all try our best to make your experience as enjoyable as possible however we appreciate that we make mistakes, however we do not appreciate you calling us out and arguing with us in general chats, and so if you would like to report a member of staff, please do so here.

Hey, this doesn’t work, <tag head admin/admin/staff/entire role>!

  • We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble, however it is against the rules to break our Chain of Command and tag entire roles. Please use our ticketing system on the Discord to speak with our mod team and resolve your issues.

I'd like to support the server financially by contributing to server costs, how can I do this?

  • You can pledge to our Patreon to donate a small amount per month. Every little helps and so even if you can only donate the smallest amount, we will be forever grateful! https://www.patreon.com/paradoxgamingserver (note you do not get any benefits for donating and you receive a "Donator" role on the Discord if you have your Patreon account linked to Discord!)

I would like to perma-kill my character and create a new one, how can I do this?

  • Please create a ticket on our discord and an Admin+ will get you sorted.

How do I get a pilot's license?

  • Please check #in-game-events in Discord for announcements of when LEO are running a flight certification class! You will need to schedule an EMS checkup before attending and have $10k on you to pay for the license.

How do I get VIP?

  • VIP is awarded to players who receive commendations from the staff team when witnessing good RP and Admin's go through them every now and again and assign VIP! Those who receive VIP have extra perks and some of those are outlined within the rules in brackets!

I submitted an application, will I get an email when its accepted/denied?

  • By default, you will not get an email and so will have to check your application regularly to know when its been accepted/denied. However, you can follow this simple GIF to ensure you receive an email when your application was accepted/denied!

My question wasn’t answered here!

  • Ok, no worries, please ensure you’ve checked the rest of the guide (yes you can use Ctrl + F to search) and if you still can’t find an answer then create a support ticket on our Discord and we’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

Fixing Your Voice Settings

(Make sure to check your voice settings after a FiveM update or cache clear)
Untitled presentation

Clearing Your Cache

Delete Cache for FiveM


* To enter commands, bring up the chat window by pressing T then type the command from one of the command columns in the table.


CAD Setup Tutorial

CAD Setup Tutorial

Calling 911

During your time in San Andreas, you may find yourself needing police, Fire/EMS or USCG assistance. Good news, we have a few different ways in which you reach these departments!

1. Calling 911 through Discord or Teamspeak

Find the “911” channel in Discord or the “911 Call Center” channel in Teamspeak and check if there is a user with the “Dispatcher” role in there.

      1. If so, join the “Waiting For 911” channel and the Dispatcher will pull you in when they are ready.
      2. If not, move onto option 2 below.

2. Texting emergency services using your phone in server

Bring up the “Phone” app and press the left arrow key.

Follow the steps below under “Phone App” starting with the section in bold.

Phone Tutorial

Open the phone with (`/~) Tilde. Once the phone is open you will see a few options, you can navigate these options using the arrow keys and then selecting them by pressing the enter key.

By selecting the button at the bottom of the phone with enter, you will be greeted with more options.

Phone App

When you open the phone app, you will by default see all recently contacted phone numbers (names if you saved their contact). If you press the left arrow key, you will see a list of preset contacts including: State Police, Ambulance, Taxi, Mechanic and USCG. To message one of the preset contacts, simply press enter on them and then enter again on the “Send a Message” option. If you press the right arrow key you will see a list of all your contacts and an option to dial a phone number. In order to call one of your contacts, simply press enter on their contact in the list.

Messages App

When you open the messages app, you will see a list of all message conversations you have ever had. To create a new conversation, simply hit enter on the first option in the list and either select a contact from the list or enter a number choosing the top option by pressing enter.

Once you have opened a conversation, you will be greeted with all messages sent and received. To send a new message, press enter, type your message into the box and hit enter again. To send your GPS coordinates or a photo to a contact, press the right arrow key whilst in the message screen of the contact and select either “Send GPS Location” or “Send a photo”. To go to a GPS coordinate sent to you via a friend or a job select the message with the coordinates and press enter to show the sub-menu which lets you click the GPS Track.

Contacts App

When you open the contacts app, you will be greeted with a list of all your contacts. You can hit enter on any contact to open your conversation with them or you can press enter on the top option to add a new contact.

When adding a new contact, be sure to fill out all the fields by using enter to edit and the up and down arrows to move between fields, then press enter on the Accept, Cancel or Remove options accordingly.

Settings App

The settings app allows you to view/change a selection of options, you can view your phone number, change your wallpaper, change your phone type, change your zoom level, change your volume, and finally run a fresh install which will clear all changes made to the phone. You can edit the options by pressing enter and selecting the option you would like by pressing enter again.

Bank App

The bank app will tell you how much money you currently have stored in your bank.

Photo App

The photo app will allow you to take a photograph of yourself. When you open the app, it will default to taking a photo in front of you. However you can press the up arrow to swap to selfie mode. You can exit the camera by pressing the backspace key.

Dark Web App

  • Go to your phone and create a room and name it (#name) or you can type in a chat (#name) if you know it
Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Twitter App

The Twitter app allows you to communicate with other players, upon opening the app you will see 4 tabs along the bottom. You can scroll with the up and down arrow keys and select with enter. You can like/unlike, reply, or cancel by hitting enter on a tweet and selecting it again with enter.

  • The first tab is your home screen. This displays a list of all Tweets.

  • The second tab is the “Top Tweets” tab. This tab will show a shortened list of tweets listed top to bottom by the amount of likes with the tweet with the most likes at the top.
  • The third tab allows you to compose a new tweet, simply hit enter and type the text you would like to tweet into the box and hit enter again to send.

  • The final tab is the settings tab, upon first loading up twitter you will need to create an account. Scroll down and hit enter on “New account”. Enter the details, and then hit “Create your account”. Otherwise, you will either see the option to login, enter the details for your account, or you will see “My Account”, use this to change your avatar and password. You can also change your notification settings.

Injuries & Medical Treatment


  • The health system works in a different way to regular GTA, if you sustain an injury at any time, you can type /health to view your skeletal system and find out where the injury took place. Different type of injuries affect you in different ways and they are outlined below.
    • Leg Injury: You begin to walk with a limp and your speed is greatly reduced.
    • Arm Injury: Your recoil is greatly increased when firing a weapon.
    • Chest/Body Injury: Your health begins to decline and must get treated ASAP or you will die.
    • Head Injury: Your vision becomes blurred and blurriness increases the more trauma your head receives.
  • Fire/EMS can treat you for these injuries and so can the hospital. Police can only revive but it will not treat your injuries.
    • This means get to the hospital ASAP because even if your health bar is fairly high, your injuries could affect you fairly quickly before you notice. Again, type /health to inspect your injuries to determine the best course of action.
  • Fire/EMS will be able to check the status of one's health to determine how to treat them.
  • Injuries are saved until you get treated. So if you die and get revived, you will still have these injuries until you get treated.

AI Taxi

If no Taxi drivers are on duty, you can request an AI taxi to be sent to your location, wait for the notification saying it has arrived then press E (not F) to get in the vehicle. You can set a waypoint and the driver will take you there.

Adopting Animals (currently disabled!)

You can adopt an animal from the pet shop marked on your map.

You can manage your pet with the /animals menu.

Here you have multiple options to manage your pets including putting your pet into your vehicle.

More options can be found under “Give an order” where you can ask them to move to your feet. You can also ask them to “go to the doghouse”, in other words, go home (despawn).




To get a mask head down to vespucci beach and purchase one from the mask shop. You can put on and take off your mask anytime by doing the “/mask” command. It will toggle your mask on and off.

Purchasing Vehicles

1 - Visit one of the available dealerships: Commercial, High End, Muscle Car, Offroad, Sedan, Truck/SUV, or Motorcycles

2 - Select the vehicle you would like to purchase by using the left and right arrow keys to browse each type and the up and down arrow keys to change vehicle types.

3 - Same case for motorcycles.

Renting Vehicles

Car Rental

Purchasing/Renting Boats

1. Visit the boat dealership

2 - Choose either the purchase1 or rent2 marker.

3 - Select the boat you would like to purchase/rent, use the up and down, and left and right arrow keys to navigate the menus.



Purchasing/Renting Properties

Purchasing/Renting Properties

Stealing/Locking/Pushing Vehicles

Locking/Unlocking Vehicle’s

To lock your vehicle make sure you have the keys first. When you get your car press “U” to get the keys. Press U to toggle the lock/unlock while in the vehicle. To lock unlock the vehicle outside you need to be looking at the car and then press “U”.

Stealing Vehicle’s

To steal a car you need to get a weapon and then you have to stop a vehicle and point your gun at the driver. Some will flee and some will get out leaving your car to them. Make sure you grab the keys from the ignition when you get inside.

You can also purchase and craft lockpicks as an alternative.

If you steal a car you do not OWN it! You simply have the keys to that car!

Pushing Vehicle’s

If you’re vehicle is totally damaged/out of fuel and will not move, you will have the option to push the vehicle with Shift + E. Simple stand at the front or back of the vehicle and press the keybind to begin pushing. You can use the W, A and D keys to move the vehicle.

Using Garages

Retrieving Vehicles

  • Walk into the green marker at a marked Garage on your GPS. Select the vehicle you wish to retrieve and press Enter.

Storing Vehicles

  • Drive your vehicle into the red marker at a marked Garage on your GPS and press Enter.

Using ATM's/Banks

Accessing your banking screen

Using ATM's/Banks: Accessing Your Banking Screen

Deposit Cash

Click the deposit button to deposit money into your bank and enter the amount into the available box then click “Validate”

Withdraw Cash

Click the withdraw button to withdraw money from your bank and enter the amount into the available box then click “Validate”

Transfer Cash

Click the transfer button to transfer money from your bank to another player’s bank, enter the amount into the available box, enter the player’s last name and first name and then click “Validate”

Dirty Money, Chop Shop and Drugs

Dirty Money

Dirty money received from illegal activity, is stored in your inventory.

You need to wash dirty money to be able to use it for legal purchases.

Chop Shop


1. Go into the chop shop office

2. Press E at the laptop to send out a request email

3. You will get an email for a specific car soon after

4. Once you have the car and bring it into the chop shop you will drive it into the small garage on the left of the office. You will be prompted to start disassembly of the car.

5. A mechanic will disassemble the car and once done you will get paid in dirty money.

Request a vehicle inside the officePress E here to send an email requesting a carSometime soon after you will get an email giving you a car to stealBring the car next to the shop and press E to disassemble it


Drugs are hidden somewhere in San Andreas. You might see hints appear on your GPS. They have special effects when used from the inventory.


You can now sell drugs to NPC's/AI's, walk up to them and press E. **THERE IS A CHANCE THEY CAN DECLINE**

Robberies/Heists/Robbing Other Players

All robberies

  • Cops required:

- Stores: 3

- Vangelico Jewelry Store: 3

- Fleeca Bank: 3

- Blaine County Savings: 5

- Pacific Standard Bank: 6

  • Each store/bank has a timer before it can be robbed again. Every time someone robs something it resets the timer for ALL of the robberies. This means if someone robs a store, all stores will reset their robbery timers, if someone robs a bank, all banks will reset their robbery timers.. You can NOT rob stores/banks at the same time to bypass the timer. All money is given in marked bills or “dirty money” you must clean it to be able to use it.
  • Max crew allowed to rob each place

- Store: 2

- Vangelico Jewelry Store: 4

- Banks: 4


  • Every store is robbable, you walk into the store and aim your gun at the clerk.
  • Once the store has been robbed, all stores will be on a global cooldown, YOU CAN NOT ROB A STORE DURING THIS TIME! (see explanation above)


  • Banks are BACK! You will need a bank vault drill and a gun to rob a bank. Stand in the circle in the back (it is only visible if enough cops are on and you have a weapon out) and use the bank vault drill while in the circle. (Bank Vault Drills are craftable in the bunker)
  • Once the bank has been robbed, all banks will be on a global cooldown, YOU CAN NOT ROB A BANK DURING THIS TIME! (see explanation above)

Vangelico Jewelry Store

  • The Vangelico Jewelry Store is robbable but has some requirements.
    • The empty duffle bag (Bag: 40)
    • A weapon with a butt stock (ie: Assault Rifle, SMG, ect.)
  • To start the robbery go into the jewelry store and shoot. Then, many markers will appear, you go to each marker and smash the case to get jewelry.
  • There are up to 20 different cases to rob. Only one person may smash the glass while the robbery is going on. You do NOT have to get all the cases and can leave anytime.
  • Jewelry can be sold in the hidden bunker location.

Robbing Other Players

  • To rob players, you need a gun out and press E.
  • You can only rob a player if their hands are up via /hu.
  • You will have access to the player's inventory.


We have a crafting system built into the hidden bunker. You may acquire items from doing illegal and legal jobs. You can also find the recipes for said items when trying to craft it. You select the item you want to craft and a skill check will appear. Click the center of the circle when the green bar is over the green circle. You have to complete 5 skill checks to craft the item. You have a high chance of losing your items when you fail a skill check but there is a slight chance you will keep it.

Side Activities

Side activities are activities designed to be done in groups, and pay out slightly less than regular jobs. Side activities DO NOT require you to go to town hall, they can be completed at any point by anyone WITH ANY job.


Activities: Hunting
(update log)Hunting: - Hunting is now a side activity anyone can do - You can only hunt wild animals, not domestic or farm animals - You need a license first, available on the map - Anyone caught without a license will be fined and have their items removed
- You no longer get meat for running over animals (You monsters) - You don't get paid if you damage the animal with a vehicle even if the final blow is from a gun


Activities: Fishing
(update log)New Fishing Job: - This new fishing job is a side activity, like Hunting. It can be done whenever by whoever and doesn't require you to go to a job centre. - The job requires you to purchase a fishing rod and optionally bait, this is available at the hardware store which is now clearly marked on the map. - You then need a boat, you can acquire one however you like, but there are 5 boat rental locations around the map to make it easier. - You must be a certain distance out at sea to be able to fish, it won't let you fish if you are too close. - Once you are ready to fish leave the driver's seat and use your F3 menu to select the rod, it will commence fishing. - When you start fishing a dialog will appear eventually prompting you to press number 1-8 if you press the wrong button or don't do it in a timely manner you will lose the fish. - You can use bait while fishing to increase your chances of getting a larger fish. - You can also catch turtles (this is illegal) with purchased turtle bait, chances are lower for this to succeed. - You can also catch sharks (this is also illegal) you can catch them by baiting your rod with the turtle you have captured, chances of catching a shark are very very low. - Once you are done fishing there are 3 sell points around the map for fish/turtle/shark. - Your rod has a chance of breaking while fishing.
- There is now a place to return your rented boat at each rental spot - You will receive 50% of your rental fee back for successfully returning the boat
-Fishing activity now only has two boats to choose from to rent and also had a pay increase.

Job Guide

**To change your job go to Town Hall or a Police Station**

Job List

Click on each job with a link to see a walk-through of each job. Alternatively click the link in brackets to apply for the whitelisted jobs.

Job Vehicle Quicklook Table

A table outlining which vehicles are used for each job for finding which personal vehicles you can use instead of using a company vehicle. (only lists jobs where the player can use a personal vehicle)

Unemployed (Default)

This job is the default and pays $0.



Jobs: Miner



Jobs: Lumberjack

Oil Refiner


Jobs: Oil Refiner



The taxi job is available for those with 2h+ playtime.

Jobs: Taxi



Jobs: Garbageman



Jobs: Trucker

Pool Cleaner


Jobs: Pool Cleaner



Jobs: Farming



Jobs: Cryptominer