The para- camp is an experience designed for pilots who want fully enjoy paraglinding leaving any worries aside.

Enjoy paraglinding at its best, where you as a pilot will have full assistence provided by two profesionals and an unbeatable infraestructure located in a exceptional area. you will be able to make use of the simulator and our suitable fiels in order to carry out graundhandling.

Meet people from diferent paraglinding spots and share knowledge and experience.

The flights zones are suitable for people who want to progres in mild conditions, being able to fly at noon without any danger.


Of 15th july to 21th of july


Depending on availabity, accomodation A or B will be provided.

lodging a

Located in the foothills of mount Larrun is this old farmhouse restored with a modern touch.

There are 4 double rooms with private bathroom, where each of them will be shared by 2 pilots.

A dining room with a large table and relaxing area equipped with a fireplace and sofas. A kitchen with all the necesary cookware, a barbacue and beautiful garden.

Parking is provided for pilot´s vehicles

lodging b

This farmhouse was built entirely in stone, with walls os 60 cm, wich dates from the year 1800 and it was restored in 2003. it has been under continuous changes and improvemets since them. it is located 2.5 km from emblematic town of zugarramurdi, 350 meters hight and under the slopes of mount Atxuria.

The house consists of 5 rooms, all double and one triple with bathroom. the distribution is in 3 flors

on the second floor there are 3 large bedrooms, a triple one with a private bathroom and 2 more with a shared bathroom. in addition, there is a large reading room, games and tv araund a fireplace.

outside, we can find a large terrace with a porch panoramic windows to enjoy the views during all the season.


All diets are included in the price, breakfast and dinner will be provided in the accomodation and meals in reustarants near the flying areas.


we have 2 vans of 8 and 7 sits to move around the whole week.

pick up

  1. In case the pilot arrive by car, the meeting point will be: Hotel ETH Irun click here
  2. If the pilot arrives by plane, the meeting points will be:

-San sebastian airport click here

-Biarritz airport click here

3. Should the pilot come by bus or train.

-The bus and train station of Irun click here

-The bus station in San Sebastian click here



With 910 m of height it is the first mountain that we will find from the coast, it is the tp 1 of the X-PYR competition. The lift will be by small tarin that goes up every day. its triangle shape allows us to fly in almost all directions and has an official landing. Next you have the link to a video in larrun

click here

Peña Plata

With 758m of height it will be the second mountain that we will find towards the interior. it is flown towards N/NE and we will have a wide valley where it will be easy and comfortable to turn our thermals. Next you have the link to a video of Peña Plata

click here


Coast soaring flight with 377m of height, ideal for when it is N/NO and inside it can not be flown. For expert pilots, if conditions permit, it is posible to cross over to the bay of san sebastian. Next you have a video of the cross from kukuarri to san sebastian.

click here

These 3 flights are going to be the most used, there are many more flights and in case of need we would move with in a maximum os 2 hours.

extra activities

we can not fight agaisnst mother nature and everyone flies knows that, there may be days when there is no volatible place, note that this would be very rare to happen at this time of the year but there is a still a possibility. That is why we have designed some different alternative plans taking advantage of the cultural and natural wealth that enjoy in this area.

Kayaking descent

An acuatic activity that will leave us with with our mouths open. Descending from the mountain with smaal currents without any danger, we will reach the rivermouth to the Cantabrian sea.

Caves of Zugarramurdi

Visit to the caves where the Basque ancestors celebrated theis akelarres or parties, a must see due to the history and mythology tales that the Basque country contais


A littel walk where the montain meets the coast with caves and unique geological formations that will leave you with the mouth open.

About us

we are the conbination between the wise experience of the one of the pioners mixed with the inovation of a young motivated associate who share the same thing, passion for seeing people enjoy the free flight. we are abel to speak 4 languages English, spanish, french and basque.

Jorge Ibargoyen: A whole life dedicated to the free flight and istruction. He started with the delta wing at the age of 16 and non-stop since them. He has participed numerous competitions and expeditions, as well as the manufacture os smaap, the first flight simulator.

Jurdan uruñuela: After traveling the world working as a diving guide, he found this sport and decided to dedicate himself to his passion. He flies every day in the local areas and been in the school with Jorge for 2 years. The motivation and his young age, do not let him stop and he does not leave any competition aside.

smaap simulator

The simulator smaap is disigned for you to practice graundhandling, take off run, piloting and even landing. It is ideal for people who are just starting out and even for people who have not been flying for a long time and would like to remenber what the next steps were.

The machine gives us one more safety bonus, and will be at your disposal as pilots of the camp. You can see videos of the simulator in the following link: Click here


We will make a sports activity in the mountains so we will need confortable clothes and appropriate footwear for walking in the montains. Do not forget that we will enjoy a good temperature on ground, but for the flight, warm clothes are very important, we never know what height we can reach. For other activities we recomended bringing a towel and flip flops. The acomodations are equiped with duvets and sheets, so sleeping bags are not requiered.


As we all know it is better to fly with your own eqipment, but if you do not have yours, we will rent it a price of 10€/day. You can also do with yours in the camp, we will have some sample candles of the Niviuk brand. You can check the catalog at: Click here


  1. Early riser with your own equipment (Before 20th of june):885€
  2. Early riser without your own equipment (Before 20th of june):945€
  3. Normal price with your own equipment (of 21th of june to 1st of july): 1005€
  4. Normal price without your own equipment ( of 21th of june to 1th of july): 1065€
  5. Last minute with your own equipment (of 2nd of july to 8th of july): 1305€
  6. Last minute without your own equipment (of 2nd of july to 8th of july): 1365€

All the prices are with your own insurence, if you need school insurence is 10€/day.