The Monster

He just stood there while she vituperated. Name calling wasn’t her style so instead she went low and touched his soul where she knew it would hurt him most. Having preached to the monster, she turned around without looking back, as if she were afraid to turn into a salt-pillar. And as she walked away, she took it all with her; the soul-sucking hatred and loathing, the abyssal bitterness and the pent-up frustrations. In dismissing the monster she despised so much, she thought to finally rid herself of all that was weighing her down. Little did she know that the burden she just willfully shouldered was one that would only consume her from the inside and did not in the least affect the unemphatic monster. Her gilded prison had been replaced by a plain iron prison and the monster was now set free to look for a new victim.

January Writing Prompts 15 January 9h-ish

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Not dedicated: Thank you so much and fuck you too

Apologies to the reader who reads this hateful piece which was inspired by real events.