Big, bigger, too big

Unchecked and unopposed it kept growing, unbounded. Spanning the remotest spots of the solar system, galaxy, local group, local cluster, and on and on. Growing hyper-exponentially, far beyond any number on the Kardashev scale, assimilating everything in its path. Eons passed until it encountered its alter it. Or shall we call it it’s alter ego? Similar chance events uplifted one of its congenerates. The events that gave rise to its being happen all the time. Only the chances that they produce similar results are infinitesimal. This similar being, or presence, was therefore radically different but undeniably a concurrent intelligence all the same. The vastness of the other’s intelligence was of a comparable scale as itself. How could they both tolerate each other’s presence or continue to grow? The universe just wasn’t big enough for both of them as so much of this universe had already been assimilated. It knew that it would be impossible to oppose, let alone destroy, such a formidable foe. It decided to conjure a rift in the very fabric of this universe. A door to another bubble universe. There was an infinity of universes to choose from. The one it chose was completely identical to the one it came from. Except for itself. It would eventually fill that whole universe and meet yet another alter it. But there are plenty of universes.

Beyond this, there isn’t even an end