The Switch

The lab was full of apparatus. Large vats with tiny windows, or portholes, interconnected with a myriad of tubing and wiring. The vessels were made of gleaming and polished stainless steel. Around the portholes rows of thick bolts indicated tremendous forces to be kept inside. Drops of condensation ran down the rounded flanks. A few wisps of white vapour came off some of the tubing. A part from some high pitched hissing, there wasn’t any really loud noise. Some sort of vibration could be felt. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, this vibration, almost a sound, was all around. The experiment was about to start. Increasing its pitch, the vibration started to drown out the hissing noise and becoming more and more overwhelming. Worrying creaking sounds started to come from the tubing. It looked like the pressure vessels where extending with the increased pressure inside. A blue-white ball of light started to form inside the vessel. It’s growing intensity made it almost impossible to look at. Inside the glowing light ball a vague shape started to form. Still fuzzy around the edges, a shape took form of a mouse. Apparently, for the very first time the experimental teleportation system was working successfully. All of a sudden the glowing ball of light started to grow in intensity and size, engulfing the no longer enclosing pressure vessel. With a loud bang it collapsed on itself again. This time, inside the shrinking glowing light ball a vague shape of a human in a lab-coat could be seen. A clipboard and pen clattered to the floor, the huge mouse’s paws being unable to continue grasping it.

January Writing Prompts 31 January 9h30

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