Watch out

Her red ball rolled faster and faster downhill. And of course she did exactly what she was never told to do. What is more important than her new ball, rolling away from her? Do you know a child who, under these circumstances, would not run behind that ball? That is unconceivable. Children will always be children and she was not different from any other child of her age. She jumped onto the street without looking left, right and left again, her attention exclusively set on her lovely ball, rolling on and on. Her mother’s heart stood still and the shout stuck in her throat. In this instant, her child’s life played out, fast forward, in her mind’s eye. She saw herself sitting at her daughter’s hospital bedside blaming herself for not being more attentive.

“Got it, Mum!”

She came out of her trance and smiled. Thank heavens they were in this park were the only traffic on the road was a few cyclists and roller-skaters.