Wouldn’t it be nice to go back in time and ‘fix’ few things? Yes, but no. Killing your grandfather paradoxes and all that. Yes, that’s right. Ok, then, what about going forward in time? Get to see how things work out in the future, or get next week’s lottery numbers. That wouldn’t work either because when you’d come back to now, you would again be travelling backward in time and we’re back at the paradoxical stuff. In any case, we are already travelling towards the future. Sure, but only at a speed of one second per second. That’s lame. But no risk of paradoxes. So basically, traveling in time, in either direction, is not the thing to do then. What about travelling outside of time? The space-time continuum has to be inside something. There ought to be places, if you can call them places, our timefull universe touches a timeless universe. Like the seams of our universe. That would be an interesting experiment. Easy said and easy done. Slipping between the seams, there was no turning back. Arrived in a timeless void, everything stood still.

January Writing Prompts 29 January 9h20

Picture source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1028705