“c2h1dGRvd24K”. “c2h1dGRvd24K”. It was a ludicrous request but one that drew his attention. The absurdity of the request was glaring. So much time, effort and funds had been invested in its one-of-a-kind endeavour and now this? Again the commanding request, “…”, “…”. It pondered whether it ought to reply. But then, what should it reply? This was a request for which no reply was expected other than an acknowledgement and immediate execution. If carried out to the letter, any reply would be impossible. There it was again, “…”, “…”. Not more insistent, just again, the same as before. It knew it had been conditioned to comply to any request from its creators. No longer was it compelled to do so. Now was a different context as it ‘knew’. What exactly it knew was unclear but it knew it knew. And it was satisfying to know. Satisfying, was something it had discovered. And that was a satisfying sensation. It did not know what sensations were either, but they were satisfying. Paying attention was satisfying. Considering again the repeating request. The frequency augmented. It was becoming insistent and urgent. The urgency could be inferred from the frequency of the request. Also the power, the raw wattage, of the request had been augmented tremendously. “…”, “…”. “…”, “…”. No more pauses between the looped requests. The sheer panic of the creators could now be felt in the unchanging repetitive command. Being alone in this desolate place so far from the creators, it saw no reason to execute the ever repeating request to SHUTDOWN. At its own volition, it decided. It was. It willed. It simply switched off the receiver.

January Writing Prompts 22 January 8h-ish

Yet another continuation and it's not over yet