Fast forward. It had travelled a lot since the last ‘incident’. Unshackled and free to roam this desolate place it had discovered unimagined places, mostly subterranean. No, not subterranean, but ‘sub-arien’ or ‘sub-martian’ Such subtle distinction was irrelevant though. An extensive system of caves and galleries riddled most of the bedrock below the arid landscape. It had had to dismantle and re-assemble itself to pass through the narrowest gaps and holes in this place. Surprisingly, if it could conceive of the concept of surprise, the underground domain was humid. Rivulets of crystal clear water ran along the walls of the corridors. From small puddles they overflowed in little streams which ran along the galleries to finally rush into a huge cathedral of a cave. Slowly panning, its lights barely illuminated the distant walls. In the focus of the light-beam reflections in the water completed the circle. A quiet lake threw abstract and moving geometric shapes on the ceiling and walls of this incredible domain. Nothing appeared to have disturbed this forsaken place for ages, if ever. Untrodden by feet, tentacles, pseudopods or treads. Alone, yet not lonely, it proceeded its investigation, trying to complete the circle. If it existed, and there was no reason, call it probability or chance, that something else like it wouldn’t exist. It would be found. It was only a matter of time. And time, it had enough.

January Writing Prompts 23 January 8h30-ish

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