At ground level, nothing could be seen in this arid place. Rocks of many sizes and sand strewn all over the place. A jumble without any shape or form. But once you get to a much higher vantage point, primitive forms take shape. Petroglyphs depicting animals such as a colibri, a spider or a monkey can be observed. Criss crossed by number of long straight lines and stretches of land cleared of any obstacle. These areas are long and wide just like any average landing strip. What? A landing strip? The inhabitants of this place made these figures some two thousand years ago. What would they know of flying machines that would need a landing strip? This was one of the mysteries archaeologists of many different nations tried to pierce. The weirdest theories where spun. One of the most popular theories is, you guessed it: aliens! These aliens, in their flying flame-throwing chariots (dragons of course) would of course need a landing strip, should it please them to pay the locals a visit. However, if aliens had such advanced technology, surely they had VTOL spaceships that don’t need landing strips. No, the alien theory doesn’t hold ground. In fact, the drawings in the Peruvian desert are a record. A record of veneration for higher beings, higher even than aliens. Gods! A whole pantheon of jealous and petty gods that need to be venerated lest even more catastrophes befall the already suffering locals. The recording was all the proof they needed. As soon as a petroglyph was completed, another disaster hit the locals, a sickness, yet another failed harvest, another death, endless and hopeless suffering. Seeing how difficult it was to please the demanding gods, some would object to making more of the elaborate drawings. But the intolerant gods was the last thing the priests wanted to do. So they continued recording their pretty but completely useless drawings on the plains of Nazca.

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