Lazy Bug

As usual, she snoozed her alarm clock thee times already. Still the fog in her brain wouldn’t lift. Turning around listlessly, drawing the blankets over her head she moaned. The first light of the day threw a few lines on the wall opposite her bed. But as she had her head under the blankets, that didn’t bother her. Outside the usual workday activity could be heard. The neighbour closing his door, to slamming it too hard of course. The horrible kids from number 11 shouting and fighting like every morning. Lifting one arm, with difficulty, over her buried head, she tried to cover her ears with the blanket. Maybe the pillow would keep all this noise out. No, definitively, this was no time to stay in bed. But the bed was oh so comfortable. Much more so than real life. The bed was her haven, her escape. If only she could stay in bed forever. There was no reason to get up at all. Not a single valid reason. Even if she wasn’t sleeping, and with the activity outside, she wasn’t going to sleep. But staying in bed was the only thing she could think of. The only think she really want. Falling asleep from time to time, waking up from time to time, only to realise she was still in her protective environment. “No way I’m going to get up”. That was her mantra, every morning. But something was nagging her. A feeling in her underbelly, something getting more pressing and urgent. She couldn’t resist any longer. A simple reason was all she needed to drag her lazy frame out of bed. “Gotta pee”.

January Writing Prompts 23 January 9h10

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