The salty tang of weed was heavy in the air. It had some rotten aspect to it, but not all too unpleasant. The kind of odour that elicits unbidden and deeply hidden memories. It is weird how smells can rinse up even the most pent-up and repressed memories. What happened during that holiday by the sea with her father? She wasn’t sure he was ever present in her life. But today, standing on the beach, she was sure she didn’t want him to be present ever again. All of a sudden she felt irritated by the white noise of the surf and backwash of the water on the heavy waterlogged sand. It scratched her nerves, vibrating strings that hadn’t been plucked for a long time. While an unpleasant shiver went through her spine, she once again, picked up her book. To silence the silent cries that well up in her mind, she read aloud to the sounds of crashing waves. But the sea wasn’t listening.

January Writing Prompts 7 January 7h20 - 7h55

Picture credit: it's mine