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You are in a glade. All around you are tall trees reaching their green fingers up to the sky. The wind quietly rustles their whispering leaves. There is a small wooden bench. You may sit on it, or if you want, lie down in the lush grass. A deep calmness overwhelms your rushing thoughts. Warm tingling feelings start to invade your members. Your eyelids become heavy. Close your eyes now. From the clearing, a flagstone path leads away. In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself getting up and start walking along this path. Take a few steps and feel how your naked feet touch the sun-warmed stones. With each step you take you fall deeper and deeper into a profound trance. Following this path, you will take a journey into your own mind. Know though that this stone path through the woods leads nowhere but where you want it to.

January Writing Prompts 12 January 12h - ish