The Mask and the Monster

As the monster was set free, he couldn’t believe what he had witnessed once the scales had fallen from his eyes. He now realised that all this time she was nothing but common until she donned the mask. A permanent and deceitful mask of treachery and fake sentiment. Behind this mask was just a meaningless poor little grey insignificant mouse trying to claw up her way onto the ladder of society, at any price. Even at the price of her own betrayal and her already damaged self-esteem. The monster, having gotten a glimpse of the reality behind the mask was now fully empowered to go about his monstery business and set about to look for his next victim.

January Writing Prompts 16 January 10h20

Not dedicated: Just like yesterday, thank you so much and fuck you too

Apologies to the reader who reads this hateful piece which was inspired by real events.