The Landing

It was just sitting there, in the middle of nowhere. Had been sitting there for an unknown amount of time. The sun’s feeble rays caused a trickle of power in its members. Power started coursing through its veins finally reaching its dormant brain. Disconnected thoughts and feelings started to run through its feeble mind. Now, if it wanted, it had enough power to move about a little. For the moment it didn’t long for much movement and merely contented itself with observing. But there wasn’t an awful lot to observe. A few stray rocks and sand, lots of sand. Slowly turning its head around, it eyes caught sight of a large piece of red-white striped fabric lazily fluttering in the feeble wind. Attached to the fabric were wires leading to its own body. This was a terrible mess that ought to be cleared up as soon as possible! It started to reel in the wires, dragging what appeared to be a parachute, towards the area it was standing. Slowly but surely, careful not to snag the wires or cloth, it continued winding up the wires. One last yank then a pull and the landing was clear. Hopefully, the locals would now want to land here and its utter loneliness would finally come to an end.

January Writing Prompts 19 January 11h30