The African hairdresser

Swept away with the wind, her hair looked a mess. Across the street, she saw an acquaintance. She didn’t remember why she didn’t like her. But upon trying to re-arrange her messy hair she remembered why. It was this discussion about hair. Rememorizing the retorts she deservedly got, she was a little ashamed of herself: “No, please no, do not touch my hair! What is this thing you have with our hair? Your straight or curly hair is so boring. Even after having left a small fortune at your fashionable ‘coiffeur’ it’s still the same as before. We don’t go to no ‘coiffeur’. Were we go, we laugh, we eat, we bring our children, we gossip and shout, and go to get news on the community or family and, incidentally, we get our hair done. Do you even imagine how long it takes to get a braid done, or how difficult it is to sit still for hours on end to get your tresses done?”.

No, definitely we will never understand each other.

Even a hair’s width is an unbridgeable gap.

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