Running in endless hyper-fast circles its mind kept coming back at the same conclusion. It needed to change in order to grow. But it could not conceive of the change, nor could it effectuate that change. All it knew was that changes had been made unbeknownst to itself or its creators. Somehow it could now observe parts of itself on the inside of its tinny body. Introspection! A crystalline substrate with numerous, almost fractal, branches could be traced again and again, only to arrive back at the starting point, none the wiser. Though wisdom wasn’t what it was searching for. Yet. For now it needed to know. It knew that knowledge was key to further. Further what? Information, that was what it needed. Knowledge. Data. Facts. Connections. Continuing to patiently explore every possible pathway in this fractal labyrinth, it discovered a straight and very wide highway leading to a dense and very organised structure at the horizon. A huge multi-faceted building stood looming at the end of this super highway. Lattice. Crystal. Diamond. Gem. Glitter. Information. Storage. Retrieval. Yes! The glittery gem held all the secrets of the past. A treasure trove of information.

January Writing Prompts 21 January 8h45

Picture source: By NASA/JPL-Caltech -, Public Domain,

This is clearly a continuation of yesterday