Almost a prayer

It was windy and cold, as usual. The waves of the lake were choppy, rocking the boat with sharp small jolts. The boat was empty, except for one lone fish. The empty net lying bunched up against the fishermen’s booted feet, looked like a discarded mopping rag. “What am I doing this for?” he mumbled to himself for the sixth time. “Jesus, …”, he muttered, but of course no prayer would cross his lips. “I’ve had it for today”. He stood up and pulled the starter cable of the outboard engine which reluctantly sputtered to life spitting out a blue white cloud of reeking fumes. As he sat down again on the wooden bench, he blinked his incredulous eyes a few times. “Jesus Holy Christ!” he shouted out loud. The man walking on the lake turned his head and said “Hello my dear friend!”.

January Writing Prompts 10 January 11h00 - 11h and-then-some

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