The Experiment

The marbles jumbled nicely in the pocket of his favourite shorts. He just had to be careful not to use the right pocket. The one with the hole. He could ask his mother to mend it but he suspected she would throw away the used-up shorts rather than mend its pocket. So he decided not to mention it and hoped she wouldn’t discover it. Unfortunately, before washing trousers and shorts, she always checked the pockets. It would therefore be better not to put the short in the laundry. But then she’d notice that he was wearing it all the time and would probably take it away while he was asleep. He should think of hiding it under his pillow when he went to bed. The next morning he would put it in his school bag and then change into it behind the bushes in front of his friend’s house. His friend would bring matches today. He had found them in the back of the messy drawer of the hallway cabinet. This drawer contained all kinds of stuff and his friend’s parents probably forgot about the matches. It would be exiting to do an experiment with the matches and marbles. According to his friend you could melt glass with fire. He wondered what would happen if you lit a match under a marble. If it melted that would be a shame for the marble though. Another crazy story his friend had told him was that glass was burnt sand. That was completely crazy. Everybody knew you could not see through sand, unless you’d let it slip slowly through your fingers. Besides, glass was solid, and sand would only stay together if you wet it. So this story didn’t make much sense. His friend was a little crazy anyway, particularly since he started wearing glasses. He was told the glasses relieved his friend’s headaches. That was another one of his crazy stories. Against a headache you’d take a pill or a wet handkerchief on your forehead. Glasses were just magnifying glasses sitting in front of your eyes all the time. If you looked through a clear marble, you’d get the same effect. Maybe glasses were made of flattened marbles. But then how would you flatten a marble? Ah, the marbles. He’d use the chipped small one for the test. He had several similar ones so if anything did happen to it, that wouldn’t be too bad.

In the afternoon, his marble only had a few smudges of soot on it. His friend went home with a burnt and blackened fingernail. He himself had burn marks on this thumb and index finger. They stung like hell but he would not tell his parents about it, otherwise there would be hell to pay.

Picture source: pixabay