According to meteorological science hole-punch clouds are a natural phenomenon. Such circles in the sky look pretty but they hide a very obscure reality. A reality that the power that be try to hide from the average person. It is obvious that such circles cannot be something created by nature alone. There has to be some higher and more nefarious reason behind these figures in the sky. It goes without saying that these are literally extra-terrestrial phenomena. They do not happen on earth but high above. What happens in these lofty altitudes is often unknown and unknowable. A place were the strangest encounters occur without too many witnesses around to observe or tell the hard truth. Even more worrying than these circular formation in the sky, are these parallel streaks of who knows what. Trails of an unknown substance slowly dissipating into nothingness. An apparent nothingness because in truth this substance rains down on the unsuspecting bystanders who look up into the sky wondering. There is just so much we don’t know, are not supposed to know …

But there are some who do.

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