The little Caravel

Like Christopher Columbus, he set out to discover the other side. Only it wasn’t a big ocean but hardly wider than a ditch. It wasn’t even a stream but merely a canal, surrounded by green pastures where a few sheep lazily grazed the juicy grass. But he felt proud of what he had constructed. Afloat on the canal, were two mismatched pieces of wood tied together with ends of twine. A somewhat crooked iron rod stood up in the middle. This mast was firmly fixed in the deck and didn’t need any stay wires. Attached to the top and bottom was a faded wrinkly plastic bag. This was to become a magnificent white sail with a red cross in the middle. The light summer breeze filled the sails and off went the caravel, towards the middle of the canal. In his mind, he stood at the steering wheel, looking expectantly towards the yonder horizon while behind him, a distant shore was all that remained.

January Writing Prompts 8 January 7h20 - 7h40-something

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Inspired by real events. Dedicated to my Dad