The janitor

Every weekday night the greying and tired janitor shoves his cart through the endless corridors of the deserted office building. The front right wheel is almost stuck and causes a weird wobble. Arrived at the end of the gloomy corridor he soaks the mop in the dirt-grey water and starts mopping. One of the overhead neon lights buzzes and flickers, throwing moving shadows against the wall. With a sigh he leans his mop against the wall. For the first time he notices that the end of the stick looks like a cap. With a jarring twist he manages to unscrew the orange cap uncovering a hollow stick. Like a message in a bottle, a tiny rolled up piece of parchment appears to be stuck in the broomstick. All this time, the answer had been quietly resting inside the belly of the broomstick. With a final flicker, the neon light illuminates for the last time a mop lying next to an abandoned cart in an empty corridor.

January Writing Prompts 13 January afternoon