The boats were burning. The bridges were burning. The town was burning. The fields, waiting to be harvested, were burning. All around was a blistering inferno with nowhere to go. Even if everything that could burn, was already burning, the enemy continued to launch incendiary bombs. They must have an endless supply of these hellish missiles and found it necessary to scorch even the air that had already become unbreathable. Prepared for battle, she made her presence known. Her impenetrable armour would allow the sergeant to walk through even the hottest fires. Her teammates where huddled together behind the last standing concrete wall, waiting for her instructions to take on this relentless and incomprehensible enemy. Looking at her comrades she pointed her gloved index finger in the direction where yet another howling projectile was coming from.

January Writing Prompts 11 January 10h00 - ish

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