Waiting, waiting for such a long time. Every part of the unchanging landscape has been observed and analysed again and again. But it couldn’t do otherwise. Urged by some unknown agency, it observed its surroundings. Like a goldfish in a fishbowl, it didn’t have any recollection of having seen the same scenery already a thousand times. It didn’t even know whether it was a thousand times, or a million times. That didn’t matter. Or did it? Something had changed. Not in the scenery, but in its mind something had flashed already several times. Flashes seemingly coming out of nowhere. Some sort of realisation began to dawn in its mind. Could it be that it was the first foreign presence in this desolate and forsaken place? It felt, if a feeling it was, that it was in an unique situation. What was it doing here so far away from its origins? With a sudden pang of an as of yet unspecified sensation it pondered that a braver attempt had never before been seen. Alone, so incredibly far away.

January Writing Prompts 20 January 11h30

This is clearly a continuation of yesterday